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Essential rules for a pleasant home:
lejtés vastu elvek szerint

Primary aspect:


Level differences and directions around the living space.

Right Time

The space - building, hall, city, bed, pen, atom, etc. - is a living organism.

Just as the human heart beats, the room also has a heart that pulsates and provides the room with the necessary information and energies. Such a heart arises when the space is formed and given boundaries in which one can live individually and still stay in rhythm with nature.
The science of Sthapatya Veda ensures that this newborn organism is in harmony with the positive processes and possibilities of the Creator as well as with the earth and living beings so that it can experience and give happiness.
Gradients and slopes are very important, but the creation expands from the inside out, i.e. if an authentic Vastu building or area gets a strong heart that effectively influences or even overwrites external influences from outside, a lot of protection can be enjoyed for a long time. For this reason, the slope rule applies especially up to the fence. The most ideal grade of incline is also given - neither too much nor too little. The fence is believed to be in line with the heartbeat of the area, and the fence is the extension of that heart, the limit of its body.

The directions must also be treated with great respect and are in fact equal to the rules of incline.
The direction is where we look, where our face turns, where we go. The building or area also has a face that makes it look in a certain direction. A gate or a door is like a mouth. Going in and out a lot strengthens the flow of energy like speaking or eating, which is why it plays a very important role for the outside and inside world. This is where the music comes out of the instrument most of the time.
Both the building and the human body like when their faces look due east or north, but one can look in other directions, there are no bad main directions.
The viewing direction from cardinal points is only recommended for buildings in certain cases, but usually not.
It is also decisive which element we are looking at with the building, i.e. aim at the door or gate.
The elements have a fixed place, you have to adapt to them in any case if you want to create an oasis effectively ...

On a subtle level, the energy of the earth is 8x8 units. Its diameter is 7,926.57 miles, according to modern science. For this reason, 1/8 of the earth's diameter becomes the earth's mantle - the upper and lower cover are added together - the rest of the interior is occupied by gaseous materials and finally the fire in the middle with a size of 2 x 2 units (Brahmasthan). The thickness of the mantle (layer of soil) on one side of the earth is 495.41 miles. This geological result is easy to check.




Gradients and inclines in and around the construction site are of primary importance for the settlement.
The most important consideration is where the floor level is within the main fence.
Northeast, North, East, and Northwest are the best choices in terms of slopes. A flat surface is also a very good feature. Other directions should be treated with caution when the slopes are present, but because of their specificity, they can be used for many things - e.g. for growing grapes. The southern slope is unfavorable for everyone, but especially for men, the southeast can cause inflammatory problems and disputes, while the southwest is very negative for everyone.

The flowing energies of the sun and earth can easily be received over these appropriate gradients. For example, it is good to look into the morning sunrise - only until it reaches the level - it heals the eyes. The morning sun rays are most invigorating, making the eastern entrance the most competent in most cultures.
The winds are not as strong from these directions either, so a slope is appropriate.
Because of the above, it can definitely be higher in the south, south-east, west and especially in the south-west than at the level of the area intended for settlement or at the level of the environment.

With the lowest point in the northeast and the highest in the southwest, it is most favorable to human life which, when used well, supports 1,000 years of prosperity smoothly. This is a blessed case with long life.

In the west or in the south with the highest point and in the east or in the north with the lowest point, material and general prosperity can arise.
Under the opposite conditions, the impact in and around the area can cause loss of wealth in all aspects of life over time. With a south-west slope it gets worse after about 10 years, while in the south and west a little later. The worst is the southwest slope, from where the wind is more devastating than from any other direction and the waves of the sun are only "fiery and already used".
For example, if the southern part of the southeast is lower than the northern part of the northwest, then it is said to be the "problem creator".
If this is the other way around, "reputation and name in all activities" is the result.




The east and west, and north and south lines that run along the planet are considered lines from the inner center of the earth. These directions are lines or conduits through which concentrated energy flows out in the center of the earth and spreads over the earth. Also the absorption lines of the sun, moon and star energy. In addition to the energies of the heavenly bodies and their effects on human life, the benefits of Space-Energy are eternal, abundant, and of paramount importance.

Every planet, including Earth, floats in the ocean of space, the source of energy that contains all embodied energy, including humans and other living beings on Earth. This is the life energy that Vaastu Shaastra takes into account when formulating rules and codes for the design of buildings.

The alignment ensures the spatial harmony of the construction with the earth. The alignment of cities is paramount in Vaastu's urban planning. The orientation of residential, religious, educational and commercial buildings is very important. Failure to observe the rules of orientation would disrupt a harmonious life with nature.​

It is more important to go in the right direction than to move forward quickly. This also applies to a building. In addition, for vehicles, sculptures and furniture. Each direction has its own quality and properties that play a very important role in the selection.
The directions are characterized by 4 cardinal, 4 tributary and 8 sub-tributary directions. A building can only face the cardinal directions. This arrangement parallel to the cardinal directions is called "Suddha Prachee". In addition, a minimal rotation in the direction of a sub-tributary direction called "Esa Prachee" is permitted. Other rotations are not recommended, but an object that has been rotated too much in Esa Prachee can still be corrected.
What is a problem, is the "Agni Prachee" which arises due to its unfavorable rotation and has a negative effect on the object for the future. In general, the deep lack of calm and concentration is characterized by the energies that are there. Not recommended for buildings or facing. 

+ If the face of a statue, desk, building, or area is facing due east or west, it can only rotate counterclockwise, resulting in Esa Prachee i.e. is good.
- When the face turns clockwise, the result is Agni Prachee, which is not favorable.

+ If the face is facing due north or south of a statue, desk, building or area, it can turn the other way i.e. towards the clock, which leads to Esa Prachee - is good.
- If you turn counterclockwise in this case, you get an Agni Prachee - it is unfavorable.

Suddha Prachee / parallel to the main directions is good (for the best pursuit of spiritual happiness, without material views, OR for public buildings).
Esa Prachee / good turn (best for families and people who want both material and spiritual well-being).
Agni Prachee / adverse turn.

These three rules apply equally to buildings, rooms, sculptures and furniture. With vehicles, the direction indicates a certain quality of guidelines, not the direction of travel, as you can move in all directions. These three rules also influence which prachee we humans turn, which is why it is worth looking in these directions during important activities (e.g. with a desk, a bed).

Not to be confused with sleeping directions if the head is pointing towards the center of the body in one of the directions. In this case, it is forbidden to lie with your head in any of the north directions (both northeast and northwest) while the south is healing and the best direction to sleep is. When the head is facing south - the body usually rests on the right side when the heart is not being squeezed and the right nostril is likely to be more difficult to get air, which stimulates the right hemisphere, the subconscious, to stay relaxed - his face turns to the east and he moves to the north when he wakes up. It is favorable to turn one's face north and east, which is done while getting up, but it is not good to receive north magnetism from above while sleeping or lying on the head, the effect of which is all kinds of disturbances both mentally as well as physically. In the east, lying down leads to a spiritual balance, while in the west lying down is not so recommended. You can also turn to secondary directions when sleeping with your head, except for the northern one. The direction of a bed should definitely be aligned in these directions beyond which mathematics - among other things - can determine the exact direction.

All 4 cardinal points have their own characteristics and are all good. It is a misconception that only the east and north are positive directions. The west orientation is perfect for a school, for example, just as the south can be perfect for a church, court, or factory. Both in the west and in the south there are inexpensive entrances to everyday apartments or houses with average families.

45 types of energy quality are represented by a tiny Vastu particle, the structure of which is the structure of a building. Of these 45, 33 are responsible for the flow of energy between the indoor and outdoor spaces, i.e. it relates to the quality and impact of the position of the doors and windows. Of these 33, a total of 9 are good for doors.
Each side gets 2 options while North gets 3 options.

The east holds energy forward while the south produces divine, spiritual, powerful energy. The west is the calm, concentrated direction, the rested and knowledge-hiding, creative direction, while the north is the healing direction, which is standing, regenerating, also a divine direction.
The choice of direction is greatly influenced by the road around the building or structure, from where and where it leads. For example, if there is only one road north to approach the building or structure, the direction in the facility is likely north - but not sure. It won't be south, that's pretty sure. :-)

We do not determine the exact direction with a compass. This is because the North Pole is not magnetically located at the North Pole, but is constantly changing its position, which can even differ significantly from the real North.
Instead, a tool called "Shanku" and the right technology must be used to determine where the exact cardinal dierections are, which can thus be determined by the movement of the earth and sun. This is the oldest and most accurate method. It is a spectacular and educational process as the shadow represents time, size and direction.

Home Entrance

Vaastu Purusha Mandala Devata Pada - the effect of the main entrance of our home:


vaastu purusha mandala devata

Surya - death of children

Satya - moving away from friends

Bhrisa - divorce from husband

Antariksha - destruction

Agni - death of head of family

Poosha - crisis

Vitata - death of husband

Gruhakshata - increase in wealth

Yama - complete destruction and death

Gandharva - the development of all activities

Brungaraja - accident

Mruga - loss of grain

Niruthi - death

Douvarika - absorption

Sugriva - ample profit

Pushpadanta - good quality

Varuna - fear of friends and thieves

Asura - fatigue

Sosha - very poor metabolism, lean

Papayakshma - skin problems, leukemia

Vayu - rheumatic diseases

Naga - deep fear of snakes

Mukhya - quick destination for spiritual happiness

Bhallata - brilliant

Soma - one easily gain an advantage by striving

Bhujaga - death in the water

Aditi - indigestion

Diti - female gender oppression

Esa - fire accident

Parjanya - loss of property

Jayanta - victory

Indra - name, fame



On Earth, the position of the space element is rooted in the Centre and Southwest, the position of the water element in the northeast, the position of the fire element in the southeast, the position of the earth element in the southwest (and everywhere), and the position of the air element in the northwest. You can find out more about the other elements here.

The components therefore have their exact place and their role in space, in any case they require at least as much attention as the inclination or the direction. In addition, both, directions and slopes, are directed by the influences of the elements.
The cardinal points represent mixtures of the elements that dominate the minor cardinal points, e.g. the east direction with the mixture of fire and water.
This direction is like a meditating warrior who represents two "opposite" energies that are essential to life and progress.
This direction is not really beneficial for deep rest and sleep, but it is very beneficial for meditation and healing. It is characterized by alert, active, but collected and calm energies. During the turn to the southeast, the energy for cooking becomes more active and dynamic. If you turn to the northeast, it becomes more and more calm and relaxed - a meditation room, a room for newborns would be perfect here.
A spacious, beautiful entrance and an entrance hall in the east can enliven and protect the building in a special quality. The morning rays of the sun fill such a building with subtle light - even when the door is closed. East is the most effective direction against darkness.

I think all ancient peoples agree on this.

Of course, the other directions also have their own beneficial and unique effects, which is why the east direction is often not recommended.

Water is a very important element and it matters where it is and what its function is. The location and possible direction of flow of a tap, well, drinking water reservoir, sewage reservoir, river and lake are indicated very precisely.
Where the slopes are, the water can generally be in the right direction. There are places for water elsewhere, but it can only be in the designated place.
Water amplifies and conducts energies that can affect the building. The role of water is also important in the building, so its location and direction of flow are very important. Although the place is in the northeast, its storage of the water in the corner or on the sutra line is prohibited.
Fire is also caused by electricity, stoves and electrical appliances in our world and especially in the southeast they find their place and function. Orchard in this direction is the best. Except for the hard core ones who come west, while the prickly ones tend to head south.
The air loves to blow in the form of wind from the northwest and is therefore associated with movement. Machines and vehicles are well placed in the north-west, as the movement and metabolic processes are favorable there - playground, yoga.
You feel good here with fragrant flowers and herbs. There shouldn't be a tall, dense tree here.
The earth element is calm and stable.

In the southwest there may be a mountain, hill, or rock garden that is higher than the other plains of the area, i.e. a lot of earth. Here you can also pack heavy things safely in the corner. Storage space, a master bedroom or an office for the boss are the best here.
There should be no cramped space in the southwest, but many tall, dense trees - without soft fruits.
Most of the intrusions come from the southwest, the southwest should be high and strong. Faucet can only be in one place in the southwest. In the south, however, there is nowhere place for water. The southwest doesn't like the fire element either, while the wind from that direction is also devastating. Therefore, it is not a good idea to start a fire, install a pool or place a power box here.
Space represents the raw, undisturbed state of creation that is best when it is empty and only its own vibrations unfold in it. The creation is always in the center of what is created, so that the center of the building or structure cannot be burdened with walls. Under stress it is also possible that the entire energy balance of the building is lost, creation does not work, the heart cannot beat in space, which means that an object has a center but no vibrating, living center, namely “Brahmastan ".

Brahmastan is therefore not the same as the center itself. The difference here is huge. Most buildings do not have such a vibrant and creative center thanks to the modern architecture.

The definition of Brahmastan (Brahma = God) arises from a 4-corner technology that leads to the vibrating center of the room. The absence of these corners upsets the balance between the Elements and Brahmastan cannot be created, there is no regular space that can vibrate.
Therefore no entrance, no opening or no window is allowed at the corners.
Sthapatya Veda's technology in correcting is vastly different from the other known corrections, using 4 physical corners to make the elements present and the Brahmastan - the heart and lungs of the room - to enliven the building or area . Mathematics gives new vibrations through new dimensions, whereby it brings the milieu in a better quality, creates a higher level with the elements and the Brahmastan.
Such a building becomes alive and better, so that it can also better support its residents.
It is only more effective - essentially - if the building or structure is basically in rhythm and symbiosis with the given criteria, i.e. it is built that way.
If we were to extract even one element from the human body, it couldn't exist, much less work. The room is just as sensitive. Like practically everything that exists.

The bed is no different with a desk, a chair or the object that everyone likes best.
These objects are closely related to us. In addition, sleep takes place on an unconscious level through which the human being is exposed to everything that goes on around him during sleep. We need to sleep, no matter how, the body needs it, so a person likes to go to sleep and doesn't really criticize what is going on around them.
Yet the things that happen around us, including those we do not hear, can be to our advantage or disadvantage. On a bed, desk or just on a chair, the right size and the right proportions bring the object into the right vibration, which supports it in harmony with the vibration of the owner and thus leads to protection.

The very first and foremost mathematical calculation is responsible for keeping the soul - harmonious, invigorating - in harmony with an object, building, church, statue, facility, or practically anything. If it's not correct, the size is fundamentally not good. When this criterion is met, there are many more formulas out there waiting to be really good in other areas of life.
There are no templates in this science, there are almost no two identical buildings or the same people. 'Music design' is always individual for everyone and everything. Because of its scientific background, it is used by most religions to this day, so it is not a religion or belief.

Even with jewelry, the jewelry and its wearer are very much influenced by the spatial size and proportions. It is completely independent of what material it is made of. It could be a gem, an expensive alloy of pitch, or a simple iron ring that is lucky.
The laws of space that can predict and influence the results of vibrations also apply to vehicles.
Even sculptures bought here and there hardly stand a chance of being cheap for their new owner. It is not so advisable to be around a statue with negative vibration, even if it represents something that is sacred.
According to this science, math and rhythm are the most important that give dimensions. A deity is tied to the temple or anyone in strict mathematical terms, not by its color, shape, ornamentation, or any other attribute. For anyone, math can be used to figure out what and who he / she suits, what relationship is life-giving, why, why not, how long, and so on.


+ If the math, i.e. the dimensions are good, incorrect proportions and layouts can significantly weaken the result.
- If the proportions and layouts are good, but the math is not good, it is all for nothing.


Mathematics gives the basic quality of everything and only then does space have to be ordered. It is recommended to design in harmony, using dimensions that are in rhythm with the base size so that the calculated vibration outweighs well and thus works. Like a programmed, automatic machine.
The direction of the outcome is effortless rest, health, happiness, success, and happiness.

Many have either money or time; it is rare for anyone to have both. A real Vaastu building or correction makes up for this well so that time, which is ultimately most important to a person - and to everything - is on their side and works together. In this case, one experiences the rhythm and support of nature, which slowly relieves stress, which also leads to a deep calm that can have a healing effect on all kinds of diseases and relationships. With the money it does the same and different also helps what one needs deeper - something one may not even knows about. :-)

The flow of income and expenditure is calculated in second place (the vibration of the soul was the first), whereby even all levels of income and expenditure are evened out.
Those who need what, may not know for themselves. So far, the calculations have shown very profoundly, where something is needed and where less. The individual word of a Vedic architect designer as a result of his work is really not much, since he only counts, directs and at the same time strives for the expected maximum. It does not analyze and is not based on astrology, but rather calculates the time and aligns the various time rhythms with the individual's own time waves. Astronomically, nakshatra is a measure of wavelength, not to analysis.

It will made a sheet of music, that will be the music. The designer listens to the music he is drawing or what was drawn without the existing music.
Therefore it is better to draw and write by hand, but also to calculate, than to use a computer.

The math formulas are the instruments that must all be separately tuned to create a suitable instrument. A concert is thus a building, a structure or an object in which the instruments have to be coordinated with one another, whereby the elements also become instruments. The whole concert should be perfect for those whose object or building is their future.
In this way a new consciousness is created so that it becomes pleasant and creates forward pleasant... :-)  

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