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Space for time in silence

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The following lines are no substitute for a personal lecture, but give an insight into the connections between this science and meditation and provide information about the general nature and meaning of meditation.

Our body is the temple of our soul and the pure divine consciousness is the home of our soul.
We are created in the same way and we are all self-sourced. Our tender soul is embodied as "Vastu grows to Vaastu". The subtle energy that is our soul thickens and takes on a body, just as the subtle energy builts up the temple. Both, our body and the temple are built up by the power of subtle particles and vibrations.

In order for a temple - or building - to vibrate in harmony with a particular body, the finest energies present must be coordinated, which requires a knowledge of the laws of the soul, spirit, body and universe.


For this understanding, the Sthapatya Veda does not analyze these subtle energies with human habits, but uses pure mathematics from the beginning.

So it's not astrology, it's astronomy.
Everything interacts and rhythmizes with everything that is mathematically infallible to understand. Everything consists of light and sound - it vibrates - only the perception can be different.


In relation to Aatmaalaya meditation, our body is music, our soul is sound. The sound becomes the music of technology and technique (Tantra).

Aatmaalaya means "home of the soul", "dance of the soul"; aatma = sound energy, vibrating soul, dances.

Whether a human body, a plant, a planet, a temple or a music concert is being built, the law of nature, the science behind it, that was what the Aatmaalaya meditation could create.

Some also use this meditation in the form of dance, which can be easier, especially for children. For example when playing.
Sthapatya Veda also designs vehicles, so he is fully aware of the "tantra" of movement. He connects the human body with a temple that carries the knowledge of both. The main Veda (Pranava Veda) or the embodiment of the Vedas. Ayurveda is based on Pranava Veda, just like Joitish ...

Further information can be found in the other menu items or in person at a presentation.


Aatmaalaya meditation awakens the sleeping Vedas in everyone because they are there in everyone, everyone is the summary, the individual manifestation of the Vedas.

Veda means "knowledge".


Timeless, infinity.


The image is not placed on the flyer for religious reasons. :-)



How to attaint this meditation:


At the first session there is a demonstration, which can take as long as the participants think about it. As a rule, however, everyone knows everything they need to know in 2-3 hours in order to know the sources and the meaning of this meditation. In this talk I will introduce myself and meditation and its science and answer any questions that arise - as long as they don't go into the details of education.


At the second session there is only one person, the student, where I initiate him. There I describe the process and use of this meditation in more detail. This is already the day on which he or she learns and tries the meditation. This means that on this day he/she will receive the own mantra in sound-light quality and even try it out with a meditation experiment. Of course, this meditation is always successful and from there the student can carry out his meditation independently anywhere.


I check the success on the third session. If something is not clear to the student, I will correct it and give answers to the questions asked - by then there will be some of them. :-)


Theoretically, this is the end of the training, the student can meditate independently anywhere.

In practice, there are those who still consider contact and guidance to be necessary after the training, which I am even happy to take on for an indefinite period of time. Although this rarely occurs because this meditation unfolds the self, which is beyond the meditator's attention in his future, he gets to know himself anew and begins to heal. For inspection, I look back on everyone with love - even after decades.


After the basic meditation one then has the opportunity to expand the meditator's mantra or to apply techniques with this meditation. Each mantra or technique requires at least 2 months of practice before the meditator can move to the next level and learn another mantra or technique. The mantra level has to be completed first and only then can the techniques come.


The mantra always remains a piece, it just lengthens and usually has no meaning. It can happen that it can be quite funny, but it doesn't bother the meditator on any level.

Having the same mantra as someone else is almost impossible and has only occurred in twins so far. But here, too, at most the beginning of the mantra is the same, the extension is different.


There are 3 techniques that, once fully mastered, the meditator can take a very big step if he or she so desires. He or she learns and masters a technique with which he or she can strive for perfection and a field of infinite possibilities.

There are some who are ready to do so, but they need a building that strictly conforms to the laws of Sthapatya Veda in order to practice. It is a long technique - lasting several hours twice a day - that allows serious skills to emerge in the meditator. This in turn requires space and undisturbed vibrations, which must be provided by the building. We can also choose nature rather than a building, but it can often be quite inconvenient...

Even the last meditation-based technique adds to the meditation time - it will take about twice as long - but it is reaching and experiencing the highest consciousness while awake. This requires at least 2 hours twice a day and with this technique, eating habits are already very important. This technique changes practically everything in a person's life and rearranges it on a divine level. Enlightenment can and should come here. However, this is not for everyone, but it is available to everyone if someone would wish. Of course a center should still be built ... :-)


For those who want to meditate in groups, there is a room in Budaörs - Akasha - to do this. In this room I have done high vibration correction through the Sthapatya Veda, and the basic qualities are also good, which makes meditation more undisturbed. The training courses also mainly take place here. I also go to home when I have to teach, but I mainly prefer this place.


If someone would like in addition to meditation, I would be happy to give a pranayama practice and a number of asanas that anyone can use before meditation to strengthen and facilitate the process and effectiveness of meditation. Pranayama lasts 5 minutes while yoga asanas last 20 to 30 minutes and are perfect for meditation. I pass these on after the training as complementary meditation exercises. Comfortable clothing is recommended in this case.


As an enlightened soul with yogic abilities and very experienced in countless naturopathic therapies, as well as in spiritual psychology, I can assure everyone that I am ready for all questions that could make students unsure in their life and on their way. I want to and can give 100% support as a master, not just as a teacher. From heart and soul.

However, I emphasize that practically all of my students are independent and not bound by me or dogmas. Theye are just free. :-)


The demonstration is completely free, as are the pranayama and yoga asanas.

If necessary, my support is also unlimited. I give mutual respect so that everything works naturally and well.

The golden age is approaching, so let's get ready ... :-)


What is Required to Practice Aatmaalaya Meditation?


- Nothing! - outside of a place where we can sit down to meditate comfortably for 23 minutes.

- You can meditate in a quiet place or next to a sidewalk, among screaming children, in a disco or on the train, in a car, on a plane, and I could still list. For the beginner this may not be possible yet, but in a short time everyone can meditate undisturbed, even in noisy places.

- This meditation does not bind anyone anywhere, or to anyone, it does its work everywhere by itself and liberates.

- One can meditate sick, frustrated and nervous, even with pain - be it mentally or physically.

- It is regardless of religion, gender and almost age, so anyone can apply.


What are the benefits of Aatmaalaya meditation?


- There are basic conditions like in a meditation-free life: eat clean food and drink clean living water at the right time, keep the rhythm of nature.

- If we always meditate in a familiar place, we automatically activate and purify this place through meditation.

- If we meditate always at the same time, we will strengthen meditation and remove the intellectual resistance caused by procrastination.

- Just sit down and meditate and nothing can go wrong - this meditation takes place by itself, we only give ourselves some time for it twice a day.

- Vegetarian lifestyle is beneficial, but not a requirement.

- A place where there are no distractions, such as a temple, nature or a building full of vibrations - Vaastu.

- Meditate in groups or with family.


What shouldn't one do in Aatmaalaya meditation?


- Underestimate - never! :-)

- Do not meditate with music when possible.

- Don't be too full, but don't be too hungry either.

- Do not meditate more than twice a day - unless you are very sick.

- Do not meditate for more than 23 minutes.

- Do not lie down while meditating or put your head on anything while meditating.

- Do not pass the mantra on to others because it is unlikely to be good - or even harmful - for others if used.

- Do not mix with other meditations, mantras or other programs.

- Do not stop meditating overnight - the burdens that may have come to the surface will not improve and from there will have a strong influence on our sense of reality in everyday life. Quitting should definitely be discussed with me if someone decides to do so.

- Let us not expect miracles, they come by themselves and in the way that is best for the individual.

- Do not use mind altering drugs or alcohol for 2 months before exercising. When someone is addicted, they have to endure this time. Aatmaalaya meditation is able to treat and eliminate all these addictions.

- Don't worry about time, Aatmalaaya meditation is the master of time and timelessness. So she handles them perfectly so that the practitioner does not have to worry.

"Let's not be disrespectful to the masters - never!" :-)


Who is this meditation recommended for?


- For each.

Knowing the consciousness, the healing processes, as well as the human physiology, the soul and almost all meditations on the planet on my part, this meditation is best suited for all people. In addition to a yogi tea, I will be happy to discuss this with everyone. :-)

- Aatmaalaya meditation is especially useful and therefore highly recommended for expectant mothers.

- For those who have a lot to achieve.

- Sick, healthy.

- students, teachers.

- Managers, subordinates.

- Artists.

- There is no one for whom this meditation would not be good ...


Why is Aatmaalaya Meditation Recommended?


- It's very very ancient. 

- Its scientifical.  

- Its 100% personal.

- Organizes body, mind and soul in the most natural way.

- Activates our self-healing ability - activates stem cells, harmonizes the DNA, strengthens the immune system, rejuvenates cells, makes blood vessels flexible, enriches the blood and brain with oxygen, balances the heart function, makes the skin more resilient, slows down aging, it even rejuvenates - looks all three doshas (Vata, Pita, Kapha).

- Increases the activity of the enzyme telomerase, which is important for the health of the body and has a very positive effect on life expectancy and quality of life.

- Strengthens the motor and sensory nerve, the planetary nerve - parasympathetic nervous system, vagus nerve, 10th cranial nerve - which is responsible for calming our system, which provides energy and rest.

- Regulates genes that promote inflammation.

- lowers blood pressure.

- Helps in self development.

- Helps with radical acceptance and solution-oriented thinking.

- Calms and refreshes the mind.

- Can reduce stress from all levels without overloading the individual.

- Strengthens intuition and its (hidden) skills.

- Creates balance and peace in the meditator and thus in his environment as well.

- Teaches forgiveness and letting go, helps to experience the present.

- It transforms fear into primordial trust.

- Removes mental barriers, liberates the mind.

- Improves the processing of stimuli in the nervous system.

- We do not react immediately to a stressful situation or negative emotions, e.g. by flight or distraction or blocking or aggression, fear.

- Improves the quality of sleep.

- Improves physical and mental performance.

- It makes you more optimistic.

- Improves intelligence.

- Improves concentration.

- Improves tolerance.

- Also has a positive effect on mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia or borderline syndrome.

- Reduces losses in all areas of life.

- Reduces or even eliminates the negative effects of the planets of the solar system and can also provide protection from space radiation.

- Cleans the karma and makes sure that we do not get into vicious circles. "

- It makes you more awake.

- Relieves pain - mentally or physically.

- Improves social relationships.

- Dissolves the deep blockages. 

- High or full protection against elementals and curses.

- The best weapon against everyday stress ...

- Etc.


Some frequently asked questions:


- Will I not die if I shut down during meditation? :-) 

- Nobody dies while meditating, even if they switch off. The body has a very high level of self-intelligence that cannot really be understood, followed or influenced by the grosser consciousness. The function of the heart, our breathing, blinking, swallowing, motor functions, etc. are controlled by this intelligence, which is responsible for maintaining the body. The body is incapable of suicide. In addition, he is constantly engaged in the opposite - in order to survive.
Therefore, our hearts do not stop beating during meditation just because our consciousness is turned off.
With Aatmaalaya meditation we support this deep intelligence, it cannot cause any dysfunction. Our body knows that we are meditating, it is not a foreign function at all.

- What if I can only meditate once a day?

- Meditation cannot be deeply embedded and we cannot immerse ourselves in it as much as would normally be possible. It's like sleeping every other day, which isn't as effective as sleeping every day. Nor can it be said that we will then achieve half the effect, as it does not even come close to the result that can be achieved through daily sleep. Success is little.
Not to mention that what we really want - like sleep - has priority and everything else adapts to it. Going to the bathroom would also be a good example. :-)
Proper meditation is just as important as the above, or the meal. With sleep or with deeper states of consciousness such as dreams, deep sleep, we cannot switch off in such a way. Our brain functions constantly in these states, while the brain can experience the most relaxing state with this meditation. It gets a full update, not just a partial update. Such a meditative state can provide as much energy in just a few minutes as many hours of deep sleep. The motor functions also do not relax when dreaming.

- What happens if I was or am at a party and it is time to meditate?

- If you are at a party and want to keep partying, skip the meditation and enjoy the party. If sometimes - rarely - a meditation is missed, it is not the end of the world, then nothing will be wrong.
When the party is over and you're somewhere comfortable, it's time to meditate calmly. It is likely to be a strange meditation as your body is about to drive out foreign and harmful acute substances and there is a chance that you will sober up by the end of the meditation. In case of poisoning, meditation is recommended and is very useful. The body suffers from acute poisoning.

- What happens if I bow my head while meditating?

- You will likely fall asleep and it will not be meditation, more like sleep.

- How do I meditate when the children are constantly loud or the neighbors' children in the apartment are screaming above us?

- It's just a minor problem with three main reasons.
On the one hand, after a while, the meditator can filter out external noises without exertion, so naturally.
The other is that meditation repeats, i.e. rhythmic, energizes and cleanses the environment in everyday life, which even relieves the stress of the neighbors for a while, but disappears over time and an order develops on a subtle level that is not disturbed again when the time for meditation comes again .
The third is the example that children understand and follow better than words, so they adapt to mom and dad meditation. This is a cumbersome but pleasantly fruitful task and does not take long ...

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