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The Vastu consultation fee always depends on your personal environment and is based on your individual wishes and needs. In addition, the size and function of the property, structure, or object determines the final fee. We definitely agree on a fixed price for the analysis and advice. Until the agreement, of course, I will be available free of charge. Any travel costs will be charged separately. The listed prices are internationally adjusted and guide prices.



Since there are no templates and every life has a different fate, i.e. everyone is individual, a proposal for a simple correction or a simple building is made over at least 3 full days and nights - with 100% attention.

Depending on the complexity, the design can easily take up to 1-2 weeks. In the case of a temple, this time can last from several weeks to several months. If the decorations are involved in the design, it adds significantly to the waiting time.

I work by hand, which gives a deeper understanding and compassion for the challenges. I also give the time great respect and create in its rhythm so that the end result is positively supported and the maximum can be achieved. Taking into account the highest level and strict adherence to the rules, I will only compromise if this is desired or necessary. In all respects, the customer must be completely satisfied with the end result, both in the short and long term, which can be informative and time consuming to clarify before a design is made. In addition to a lot of communication, a questionnaire also helps to find the needs and to create a new oasis. Be it a building for any purpose, with this science anyone can find help to make their dreams come true.

A simple design proposal for a piece of furniture can be completed in 1-2 days, while a sculpture can be completed in a week or more.

In any case, I recommend and follow every work at an advantageous time, which can extend the start of the respective project by a few days or even weeks.

(A Vastu building or furniture can be created in the same way as a conventional building or furniture from a physical point of view.)

Create health, strength, abundance and harmony in your home and enjoy the beneficial effects of Vastu’s oasis.

Architectural consultancy for existing objects:

- Expert opinion and precise mathematical analysis based on precise blueprints, orally:

- Expert opinion and precise mathematical analysis, based on precise blueprints, orally + correction proposal orally:

- Expert opinion and precise mathematical analysis, correction proposal orally + in writing:

- Expert opinion and precise correction proposal Dasaayadi (e.g. castle), resp. Shodasaayadi (e.g. temple) calculation:

- Precise definition of the directions with Gnomon:

- Muhurta calculation:

- Expert opinion and precise correction proposal in writing and orally;

Plot, garden, village, city:

- Oral advice:

100,-€/100 object, /idol, /furniture

3,- €/m² (min. € 150,-)

5, - €/m² (min. € 200,-)

Subject of agreement

150,- €./occasion

20, - €/occasion

Up to 350m ² € 250,- 

Up to 500m² € 350,- 

Up to 750m ² € 500,- 

Up to 1000m² € 600,- 

Up to 1500m² € 750,- 

Up to 2300m² € 900,- 

Over 2300m² is the subject of a fee agreement.

63, - €/hour

Architectural consultancy for existing objects:

- Floor plan proposal for a new building for an unlimited number of people:

8,- €/m² in 2 Dimensions (min. € 400,-)

12,- €/m² in 2D with Dasaayadi-calculation (min. € 600,-)

16,- €/m² in 2D mit Shodasaayadi-calculation (min. € 800,-)

In 3 dimensions by agreement, as complexity can vary.

The fee includes the control and support of the designer's work.

In the case of mechanization and sewerage, the fee is the subject of an agreement.

- In the case of a new village, garden, complex, shopping center or city, the fees are the subject of an agreement.

Of course, I always adapt to the needs of the customer, which means that in case of any displeasure, I make a total of 3 design proposals, which are included in the base price. Additional fees will be charged for additional design proposals, which may also be subject to agreement.

- Furniture design proposal:

- Sculpture design proposal:

- Vaastu Bhumi Puja Ceremony:

Complexity and Ayadi calculation dependent (at least € 200,-) - regardless of the size of the property.

Complexity and Ayadi calculation dependent (at least € 400,-) - regardless of the size of the property.

Depends on complexity (minimum reimbursement of my expenses and a big hug)

Create health, strength, abundance and harmony on your own and enjoy the beneficial effects of Aatmaalaya meditation.

- Meditation fee:

- Meditation fee for families, companies, retirees, the unemployed or students:

- Additional mantra or technique:

€ 350,-

Contact me in person for discounted rates.

€ 100,-

- Lingam - even with yoni:

ask for a quote

- Education:

- House, business premises:

- Temple, complexes, Lingam and Murthi:

not yet specified

not yet specified

- General spiritual counseling:

30,- €/hour (Free for my apprentices)

Of course, the prices are more favorable when using several services. When planning a village, community or city, special discounts can be expected.

For complete information, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Németh Richárd

Cert. vedic (temple) architect, consultant, meditation teacher

Tel.: +36205402230 

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