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Vastu Shastra / Shilpa Shastra

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Welcome dear reader!

This site represents an ancient, timeless science that is fully demonstrable and has worked consistently all over the world for more 10,000 years.

I would like to emphasize the reader and so also reassure you and make it clear before reading that this is only about authentic, unchanged science and NOT about religion, NOT about philosophy, and NOT about astrology. It is logical, rational and when we are here: astronomy.

It is good to know that science itself is much older than India. India's religion before Hinduism was VASTU, what means India built this science into the tradition and preserved it for a long time. Practically until today.

Although science itself has gone through a lot of time, the original, unchanged STHAPATYA VEDA is described here without anyone adding or removing anything or changing anything.

This is to thanks to Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and his bloodline.

(At the bottom of the page is a picture of a very special temple that his family built about 1000 years ago. It's worth looking for its curiosities.)

I would also like to point out that the website is informative and not educational and is intended to introduce this science and not for self-diagnosis.

The term "Vastu" itself means "consciousness".

It is the science of first consciousness and the resulting universe, which is quantum physics and physics at the same time.

The science of space, time and matter that we can use to create harmony in human life and the environment to support material and spiritual - natural - development. Long term. Since the world is the world, everything has developed in rhythms, they create everything.

This complex science also includes music, dance, poetry, sculpture and the design of buildings and cities. That is why it is called Sthapatya Veda, which means: the science of architecture. Everything is born, exists, and is destroyed.

Rhythm. Everything.

The time, quality, role, future and fate of everything that exists depend on the vibrations that are valid in the present. It is the task of a Vedic architect to compose harmony from the many different vibrations and to coordinate the vibrations of the individual with the life-giving order of the universe.

The result is frozen music in a building or object.

Music that can be most pleasant for everyone through generations ...


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I wish you pleasant information.

N. Richard - Cert. Vedic architect


VASTU = Breath 
VAASTU = Body 

The Ayadi calculation formula of Vastu Shastra, which has been used for the construction of temples and houses since ancient times, also enables us to design our living space and our everyday objects in such a way that they correspond to the vibrations of the owner.

In ancient times, as today, these sacred formulas were used to design personal jewelry, furniture, works of art, or even work tools...

"When inside and outside resonate harmoniously, peace, vitality, health, well-being and creativity become a natural order and effortless experience."

- Dr. V. Shri Ganapati Sthapati

A Shilpi speaks:

"I am speaking about the scientific creations of Vaastu science that are capable of bestowing spiritual comforts and bliss. When I speak of this, most of the readers would be under the impression that I am keeping in my mind the temples, divine images and religious doctrines.
It is not so.
I keep myself above and beyond all these things. I realise fully well that all those artistic creations that have emerged out of traditional science of Vaastu are capable of infusing spiritual well-being and bliss.

This point I am emphasing very often sometimes directly and sometimes implicitly. Without taking much time and without being elaborative, if it be expounded precisely, this much may be said : Indian traditional science known as Vaastu Vijnaana creates our houses so as to be the actual living organisms and musical forms and enables the indwellers of these houses experience musical charm and spiritual bliss. Spiritual calmness and spiritual bliss these are always the ends that are much sought-after by human race. These are the two spiritual fruits that are offered by the buildings created by the science of Vaastu. This is the exact message I wanted to tell you.
The traditional Vaastu science effects these ever-lasting fruits through the external structural embellishments and the internal configuration of living spaces. For the purpose of effecting these, there is a unique mathematical formula or order in the tradition of Vaastu. This is known as vaastu rahasya (secret of Vaastu tradition). Rahasya is nothing but the inimitable and most subtle concept of space-science and this is what the scientific tradition of Vaastu enunciates. Space is, essentially, energy-filled or energy stuffed. If this energetic space gets limited or enclosed by four walls, then the building raised by such enclosure actually becomes a living organism, having rhythmic vibrancy. This is what the tradition of Vaastu science expounds.
Is it not a great wonder?
It ascertains further that like the inner-space enclosed within our physical body, the house also consciously feels and vibrates. Not only this. This rhythmic vibration is made to resonate with our inner vibrations and by this resonance the indweller of the house is able to be in harmony and communion with the universal space (Paramaatma) and to experience spiritual bliss. The spiritual well-being and spiritual bliss that could be derived by going to the temple would be gained even by being in the house rendered as a living organism the science of Vaastu. The house itself offers all the benefits of going to the temple. This is the efficacy, ultimate motive and purpose of the science of Vaastu.
The built-house should be on par with a temple which is the home as well as the form of God. This concept is what you perceive in Chidambaram temple. What you experience there is the exact operation of this concept. How is that Chidambaram temple? It is actually a house. Unlike an ordinary temple, it is exactly a small house standing on a raised and rectangular plot. The enclosing walls are made of wood; the covering roof is also made of wood. It is a house whose roof is covered with gold-tiles. In order to preserve this house in all its scientific conceptual frame, Diksitas, 3000 in number, were employed by a Tamil-king. So many people to
maintain a small house? Has such an incidence taken place elsewhere?
What is that which is found inside that house?
A space; simply a space housing nothing concrete within itself. We call this space "aakaasa".
(The wonderful image of Lord Nataraja which we see there is for a particular reason...)
Of what nature is that aakaasa?
It is of the nature of consciousness itself.
By its own innate nature it FEELS; it vibrates. It manifests its consciousness through its vibrant waves, through the waves of ever-going throbs. The vibrant waves emerge according to a mathematical order or formula.
Indeed, measurements of architectural constructions are defined and determined by this mathematical order. A person who stands before that 'house' or 'enclosed space' called "AMBALAM", gets infused and kindled with vibrant waves and subjected to their pronouncing impact. If the vibrations of his inner-space and those of the "ambalam" are in resonance, then he becomes one with the 'ambalam' or space, one with the vibrant consciousness.
How this resonance is possible?
This is just like the musical harmony that manifests when two vina-instruments are tuned to one and the same pitch.
The frequency of one vina is in harmony with that of the other. Only this kind of harmonious response is called 'bhakti'. This is the definition of bhakti in terms of science. Where there is no harmonious response, there cannot be bhakti.
Bhakti, which is also known as love, bestows on us spiritual health, spiritual calmness and spiritual bliss. It is Vaastu vijnaana which brings out spiritual peace and bliss by such an easy means of harmony.
Is this not simple and charming?
To the extent there is simplicity, there is charm, there is truth.
Only this space-science capable of effecting the beatific spiritual well-being is called 'Vāstu-Vijnāna' by the shilpi-rishis of our country.
The rishis of shilpaic tradition evolved this incomparable scientific tradition and technology even before 5000 years.
In spite of their continued impoverishment, marginalisation, suppression and such other impediments, the shilpins, setting aside these difficulties and surmounting them by their own efforts, have been preserving and safeguarding this scientific tradition for the benefit of the world. Their services in this regard are memorable for ever.
I am indebted to state this fact with a sense of pride.
It is true that space is not visible to our physical eyes. But we experience it.
In and out, the space is of the nature of consciousness only. It is a conscious substance encompassing within its fold all the worlds, all the living beings, planets and all the worldly objects. This is the highest concept being held in the tradition of Vaastu science. As stated in the Vedas, the space, besides giving rise to air, fire, water and earth sequentially, exists as the root, origin and place of existence for all the cosmic creations.
Not only this.
This tradition has found through its methodical quest and analysis that space, the most potential and subtle substance, exists within us and within all other living beings and it impels, directs and activates everything. This tradition also holds that the same ākāsa is called antaryaami (directing factor residing within) when it exists within the living beings as inner space and the same ākāsa is called Lingam, when it shines forth as the space-foetus (vin-karu) giving rise to the emergence of all things.
Mayan, the Vaastu vijnaani and originator of Vaastu tradition perspicuously states in his Mayamata that it is space (ākāsa) itself that is known as linga and which dwells in all things (sarvaatmiyam lingam ākāsameva). Not only that; he holds that the subtle existent or subtle energy which animates the entire range of things is VASTU and all those living beings and cosmic substances in which vastu gets itself installed are denoted by the term VAASTU.
According to him, Vaastu Purusha is the personified energy contained in the Vastu; that is, Vaastu Purusha is the energy itself contained in Vastu.
Even the Vaastu saastras state that Vaastu Purusha is the same energy which exists pervading all the objects of the universe around us in general and pervading and permeating the whole EARTH in particular.
To put it shortly, Vastu is the subtle energy and Vaastu is the gross energy.
Vastu is the unmanifest energy and Vastu is the manifest energy. Since there is no difference between a thing in its unmanifest state and the same thing in its manifest state..."

- Dr. V. Shri Ganapati Sthapati:
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