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Sthapatya Veda

The most ancient sacred science - Vedic architecture -
in perfect harmony with nature.
For the sake of health, prosperity, peace and harmony for Human and our Planet.


One Source, one Truth, one Order.

  एकएव पुरा वेदः प्रणवो सर्व वाङ्मय  
Eka eva puraa vedaha pranavo sarva vaangmayaha.




Welcome Dear Reader!

Immerse yourself in this 15,000-year-old ancient mysterious and mystical, sacred science, written by Mayasura, which was for a long time only available to the chosen ones (kings, rulers, sages) and profit from it in everyday life, that is, in all aspects of your life.

The website not only represents an ancient, timeless and natural science of architecture, which has been working unchanged since time immemorial in any part of the Earth, in any civilization, but also describes the science of creation at the level of quantum physics and mechanics.

Before getting informed, I would like to reassure the reader that this is only about authentic science, not Fengshui, some popular spatial arrangement, religion, philosophy, ideology, or astrology.

This science is logical, rational, like mathematics and astronomy.

India's "religion" before Hinduism was VASTU - they followed the scientific laws of Energy.

Feng Shui also comes from this science, but it has little to do with it, that is, it was developed for the people, so that no one outgrows the kingdom and the system.

The term 'VASTU' itself means: 'CONSCIOUSNESS', or 'ENERGY'.


The science of our universe expanding (manifest) and building up from the first (divine unmanifest) consciousness, one could say the science of spirituality.


It hides a deep knowledge of space, time and matter, which, by applying it, one can create harmony in one's life and environment, both on a material and spiritual level.


Everything exists through rhythms.

This complex science includes music, dance, poetry, sculpture and the knowledge of planning buildings and cities.

Everything is built according to order, exists and is finally destroyed - in rhythm.

This is why a building is actually frozen music.

Music that can be either pleasant or unpleasant.






The Universe - Space - is a huge Space that vibrates and lives. Its origin is caused and maintained by vibration. Nothing is created without vibration. Every beginning is an idea, a spark that begins to vibrate, expands and is realized, embodied.

It was no different with our Universe then, and since then everything that has been created in it is the result of further ideas and sparks.

The beginning is always the 'Zero Point', which we call 'Absolute Time' - from where vibration and life start.

"Absolute Time creates life."

What vibrates will affect and influence your surroundings - like music.

Music can affect everyone, it can heal or make you sick, it can create an idea in a person, which can be negative or positive and really depends only on the vibrations and rhythms that make up the music.

Not everyone or everything reacts to music in the same way, so both music and the building are sensitive things.

Vibrations affect not only at a level that can be detected by the senses.

Their ancient properties are propagation, reproduction and influence.

The Universe became a large empty Space after its creation, which was provided with a specific vibration, the vibration of Time (Maha Kala).

Space was formed by tiny particles, which vibrate identically, while multiplying themselves and expanding the Universe hand in hand with Time.

When one of these small vibrating particles becomes self-aware somewhere in the Universe - you can say it has an idea - it starts to transform, to influence the particles around it, which causes it to grow, expand and create something.

This is as natural and spontaneous as creation, so it happens casually at any point in the Universe, where something new suddenly begins to form.

A series of ideas, sparks and coincidences created the atom together with Time and many tiny particles, which also vibrates, rotates, moves, lives and creates, that is, it has self-awareness.

The atom also connects with others and thus creates matter.

Until then and from then on, it is only animated and controlled by vibrations.

In fact, many tiny Energy Particles (Vastu) come together to create the atom and its substance (Vaastu).

The content of the many tiny vibrating/sounding/luminous particles is Space filled with energy, which points out that ultimately matter is just Space, which contains energy and vibrates.

The Space's own vibration is therefore authoritative as to what it can create from itself.

Time spreads like Space, so we also get numerical dimensions to be able to use the qualities of Time in a given Space, for which we determine which parts and rhythms of the Time Wave have what effects and we take those appropriate dimensions in our work - be it sound ( music, poetry), or visual (architecture, sculpture).

Dance is also so important to people because the invisible voice is expressed with the visible body.

That is why Síva dances in a circle with an atomic structure and depicts the events and laws taking place in it with light and sound - among other things.

Energy is not lost, it is merely transformed, which is determined by vibration and time.

The snake and the frog perceive sound and light with only one organ, which indicates that the two are the same: VIBRATION.

A favorite piece of music, or an annoying piece of music, a microwave oven, or a radio telephone also indicate the strength and power of the vibration.

Since everything and everyone is made up of vibrating Space, the science and knowledge of space is the key with which we can control or create the quality of life in the most effective, natural way.

This is how this science became one of the most important Earthly knowledge, which is responsible for human happiness, consciousness, home and destiny.

There are good times and bad times, and good rhythms and bad rhythms, which either give good measurements or bad ones.







Let's learn from the ancient past and plan for the future...


Authentic representation of Science (Vaastu Veda, Vaastu Shaastra) and Technology (Vaastu Tantra).

That is why Vaastu Shastra, written by Great Seers, is a wonderful science that can be used to design any structure, from a chair to a small hut to an impressive castle.
In addition, this science has not left behind any aspects that can be said to be irrelevant for today's modern construction requirements.
It is so complex and complete that it can easily satisfy the needs of anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Space exists by itself, which is why we can call it space and is present everywhere that the imagination can reach.

As we surround a space with walls, that Space separates from the previous Space and forms a special, individual Space - it vibrates in a special way.

This is why the science of Vastu calls such a space a ' living organism ' - with a specific consciousness.

A structure, building, living space, room and certain everyday objects can predict problems in one's life in terms of future, prosperity, health, business, career, learning, family life, relationships and luck.

Mathematics, geometry, structure, arrangement and the material of the subject/object are revealed in this, which can be read from the aforementioned through a deep knowledge of them.

Their preparation is physically possible for the above-mentioned in the same way as for their conventional version.

They can be made of stone, ceramic, clay, adobe, wood, metal, paper, plastic, or other form-retaining material.

The material of the object or object affects its age and strength in terms of vibrations. For example, plastic does not vibrate as well as stone and does not last as long, which is why an object made of plastic cannot be designed for 1000 years.

With stone it is already possible, while with wood you can count on a maximum of 300 years...

What is definitely primary is size and structure .

Buying a House

The world is slowly looking for solutions that can create a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.
Any Space can be designed by the ancient authentic science of Vastu.


Like all Vedic architects, designers and consultants, my job is to compose harmony from the many different vibrations and to harmonize the vibrations of individuals with the life-giving order of the Universe.

Rólam röviden

Briefly about me:

I am Richard Nemeth and came to this world in 1976 as an enlightened soul, in the heart of Europe, in Hungary .

All my life I have been searching for the ONE truth and I have set my goal to save the planet.
I have gone through countless courses and experiences in my life so far, because I have always been driven only by search and research.

I mainly dealt with alternative medicine, electronics and sports.

In fact, all learning took me forward, but for a long time the picture was not complete.
After 20 years of intensive research, searching for the true knowledge of Vastu, when I found it, I knew that my path had reached its destination and
everything became understandable.

I confess that knowledge alone is not enough, one also needs experience.
I myself have been experiencing the effects of Vastu for years, and with my knowledge I have already helped many people towards lasting happiness.

I believe, in fact I know, that life on earth is not complete without this knowledge, which is why I have dedicated my life to it and continue to do so at every moment.
My main goal is to lead people in one way or another to the state of Vastu, or the highest happiness, because harmony and peace are the greatest virtues of human life.
I tried to raise my consciousness all my life, and I managed to reach the highest level that masters can represent, namely the Siddhi state. I believe that this is the basis for a complete understanding of the micro and macro cosmos.


Nemeth Richard

If I can help, please feel free to contact me at one of the contacts below.

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