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"It's not enough to just talk about flying, or cycling, you have to try it." :)

1.) Gravity is not an element of creation.

2.) In the first pure - sattva - state, gravity does not even exist.

3.) First steps and attempts are always tiny.

* a Baby, indicated by the letter "X" in our runic script, i.e. "B".




Which carries all the information since the beginning of TIME - and of course before. What everything is made up of and by which everything works.
A complete information base.


... first step in miniature. :-)




Big glass or small diamond?

This is how we made a Teeny-Heaven on Earth - as a layman:

Why the Heaven?




A little introduction to the imagination:


As I mentioned on the front page and in the words of Surya Siddhanta: "A temple or a building is the embodiment of God." This little house was built true to this (without religions, beliefs and philosophies - purely scientific).

The science of Vastu is based on the concept of creation. After creation there was first the pure state, which is the sattva state (spirit), which then became the raja state (soul), and only from this came the tamas state (body), which is also matter. The order that developed in the pure state has been brought into the tamas state by the raja state, where tamas no longer represent the quiet state because it rotates very quickly. Such rotating, self-consciously awakened particles form the atom in large numbers, which together create matter due to their rotational and gravitational / attraction forces. Micro = macro.

These approaches to physics and quantum physics were also used by modern scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Pyotr Garjajev and Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark demonstrates - such as wave genetics. With this quantum knowledge in its infancy, however, they mainly only approach the aspect of health, while the science of Vastu can cover all aspects of life, i.e. also the missing 98% that modern scientists do not yet recognize, Vastu has known for several 10,000 years. 

The particle created by creation, whether it rotates or stands still, always remains the same energy in the originally form of a cube.

The cube thus indicates a standing, still, clear state, while a ball indicates rapid movement. The 8-angle is the transition, i.e. a rhombic boctahedron. Precisely because on a subtle level 8 is the rhythm of the universe (vastu), while on a material level it is 9 (vaastu).

Everyone who has previously tried the Rubik's Cube or the magic snake has played with these energies. :-)


If we want to create a clean space in matter, we have to follow the order in which the first particle comes to life. We have to know the process that created the conditions that we experience from the pure energy particle originally generated. Every feeling, every thought, every object, every substance, every information came from this all-encompassing particle, which is otherwise empty and only shines, sounds and vibrates.


To know what the hen will be made of, we need to know the egg and the thread up to the shape of the hen. While the egg is becoming a hen, we definitely need one thing that can already be studied: time. Over time, every process that leads to the hen takes place. The hen creates time. Time is a vibration and space must exist. So time is change, progress, life. Time creates, sustains and destroys, but only ever does one of these three properties at a time. So time has a phase in which it builds, maintains and destroys. If time equals space, then the sections can be calculated from their dimensions. When something is created, when it is born, it is absolute time, the time of the beginning. From then on, this time swells with its creative, sustainable and destructive properties. The universe is created, it lives, it dies ... We are born, we live, we die ... The sun rises, it shines, then it goes down ... We take in air, hold it and let it out ... We eat, we digest, we burn ... Our cells do the same thing, while atoms and smaller particles do too.


The key to time is rhythm.


When something is created, it lives its circles rhythmically in time, be it its own time or the time of the circumstances with which it comes in contact during its existence.

The reaction is always random, so to speak, and things happen as the dance of infinite times meets - unpredictably and randomly like fate.

This science was created to understand, calculate, and utilize the unknown background force known as time and space. In this way fate can really be written, which is why the objects built by the science of Vastu have been sealed with the function "Fate Correction".

There are sofar no coincidences really, or if you think so, take a Swiss watch apart, put it in a bag, and shake it until it assembles - randomly. :-)

With the knowledge of the 8 elements, the vibrations and the rhythms, we no longer have to shake the bag and wait, because although it is sometimes not easy, it can be put together very precisely.

The building resembles a watch, and both of them are very carefully designed and built. The building shapes time with space while it shapes the structure of the watch. Both are guidelines with their everyday and even momentary characteristics. One is known to everyone, the other not.


And here the little house in the plan came like meatballs from heaven:


... what we wanted to achieve with the quality of a Swiss watch that only shows and supports good times.

This required a space that in all possible and important ways only generates or embodies special time waves that are life-giving for all bipeds, four-legged friends and the earth for as long as possible.

What would such a place be other than heaven?
The scientific definition of heaven or peace is square / cube, while that of earth, human lifes, the octagon / rhombic boctahedron and the shape of hell is the circle / sphere, matter. If we are accurate, heaven and hell do not exist, only the state, the state of consciousness is what we humans call it. Fast movements can cause chaos, while the still state is primarily a state of peace.

We can call these three qualities the Trinity because it defines our world as spirit, soul and body. The spirit becomes the body through the soul.


So the house represents the power and quality of the spirit and has been tuned to be good for everyone, but mainly tailored to Hungary, the village, Aniko and me. It measures just 8,8 square meters - inside surface - and is a little over four meters high.

It is mainly worth setting the object to a country, village or city if the object is as clean as possible, which criterion the house fulfills, i.e. is very clean due to its vibrations. Therefore it became heaven and stands in matter - in chaos.

However, the substance also contains emotions that do not yet exist in the pure state (Sattva / Spirit). We can also say that there is a difference between 8 and 9: emotion (emotion element).

So the emotions in the hut are not on the most subtle level, which is required in every temple, i.e. in a pure (spiritual / divine) space.

Regardless of religion, the temple or church primarily represents the space that is the most empty and particularly vibrant. In a church, discipline drives towards silence, which does not exclude emotions but liberates them from them.

By respect to any religion: This is the reason why Jesus came into the public consciousness with such pain that no one's pain could be greater and one could more easily let go of one's own - using the example of the Christian religion.

There are leaders in Hinduism and elsewhere, like Shiva and Vishnu, who represent science, not religion. They became avatars in Krishna, Rama and many other living personalities, but they wanted to animate the existence of subtle forces mainly through a dark age for humanity.

- Shiva is the even rhythm of 8, while Vishnu is the odd rhythm of 9.

- Shiva is the voice while Vishnu is the light.

- Shiva is active and dances, while Vishnu is calm and lies.

- Shiva is vastu, the subtle plane that only vibrates, and Vishnu is Vaastu, the gross plane that has become matter.

- If Shiva is the atom, then Vishnu is matter. Both the same.

Such a building should be considered for an average person for an extended stay as it can be too clean. The quality of Vishnu, on the other hand, makes it calmer and softer.

It was designed as a guest house and is used for healing so as not to live in it, but we couldn't wait to try it out and weren't afraid of a longer stay due to our meditation lifestyle - in fact we would both have loved to retreat to the rest, the Hustle and bustle was too much.

Our house and other buildings were already planned at that time, and this was primarily intended for the builders so that they didn't have to be housed somewhere - because it wasn't possible.


The idea: started with a small caravan, which is uncomfortable, who knows what vibrations it has and which costs more than building a small wooden house the size of a caravan. We also tune the wooden house the way we want it, and it's nicer than a caravan.

We thought we would be ready after a maximum of 1 month. After all, we only need 3 beds, cooking and bathing facilities, ...

We immediately moved out into the country with tents.

But this simple idea lasted more than half a year - at full throttle.


The gallery has two single and one double bed that we don't even want to climb out of. We also long for a pleasant, relaxing and regenerating sleep in a house in a hotel, no matter where in the world.

The kitchen can be one of the smallest full-fledged kitchens in the world, and even blindfolded we can make the food in it delicious.

For bathing, instead of a bag in which we heat water and somehow wash ourselves off with it, we have a normal shower with a small space to dry off.

The electricity is built very precisely so as not to cause any interference. It moves precisely in the walls and supplies power from normal sockets with maximum security. There is no electricity in the gallery, but it doesn't need to. :-)

This work already took more than a month, especially since we had to acquire the specialist knowledge for each step and proceeded more “too sure” than “it fits”.

In order not to make the building not too strong in its purity, we decided to build in walls, i.e. to divide the rooms, which can be beneficial for separating the individual activities, since the space itself is small, i.e. the energies can easily be blurred at the expense the other.

However, so that the original vibration of the room is not distorted, everything, literally everything, has to be as accurate as possible.

For this reason, the tolerance has been maximized to 1 millimeter for each order. The wood had to be sourced and used very carefully so as not to go beyond tolerance over time. The expectation for a wooden building like this is at least 150 years, so we tried, we got very focused.

The connections had to be made in such a way that they cannot move later, or only very little, which is why we used a lot of screws, i.e. metal (and for reasons of time). The use of metal requires special attention. If even a single screw is in the wrong place, it can disrupt the entire system. Therefore, the iron parts are attached very precisely and with the greatest care.


Electricity, metal and water conduct the energy very strongly, which also requires how and where the pipes and wires should lead. In theory, everything seemed easy and we kept underestimating time. In addition, we did not start any new tasks at the wrong time, i.e. we always calculated exactly when the new task could begin (sunrise, moon phase, yoga, hora, etc.).

The cladding of the house followed and even help came, but we had to wait almost 3 hours to get started. Such intervening waiting times sometimes led to late work, but it was definitely worth it. We made up for our lack of professionalism by starting in good times - we always got lucky. The house made itself, we did what we had to and how we should. Time was on our side in every way and we were getting on very well compared to how amateur we were.

I'd rather not talk about our tools: a chainsaw, a 30 year old drill and jigsaw, a small (mini) screwdriver and sandpaper. We had no idea what screws or nails there were that we needed, we had nothing for the little wooden house. Just our wishes and dreams.

Later we got a small circular saw, a grinder and when the house was finished we even got a planer. We thought the machine wasn't faster than us. We were wrong. :-)

Accuracy was so important that it was the main goal and challenge that we focused on all along. More than 200 years came out in terms of the time the hut had to match its construction. The bar was high, but we kept it.

We cried, laughed, both together, and waited to see what would happen when it had already taken such hard work.

Every day we traveled 100 km away and did what we needed, what the Spirit asked and expected of the house. Conscientious, curious and always open to the challenge.

We loved it, but often we felt like we couldn't take it any longer, we wanted to give up. Especially once when we didn't expect rain and didn't cover the roof and we had to rush to the property to act as quickly as possible. When we arrived it started to rain with snow, with big winds - at night (!!!) - and because of the fresh plexiglass the roof had to be covered first with a big thick blanket and then with a huge foil. Anikó froze to death while holding the ladder, her ankles underwater in the mud, while I fought against my fear of heights and the elements upstairs. When we finished we laughed at ourselves as usual, but sometimes it seemed like a lot and we would have left.


Before we got to the point where this little house should be built, we practically cleaned the approximately 2300 m² property by hand. We replenished the lot because it wasn't good in one very important way: it sloped to the southwest.

We didn't notice this slope until we'd already bought the land, cut grass, and removed the bushes. We measured it and it was deeper to the southwest than the northeast and deeper to the south than the north. Since these were fatal errors, we put the top layer of black farmland at the edges aside and filled it up here and there, with the southwest and south being higher relative to the northeast and north today. We made sure that the west is also higher than the east and the northwest is lower than the southeast. We have made a difficult turn that needed many trucks soil and needed a lot of raking, by the end of which we were pretty much knocked out, but it was an unavoidable step if we were to represent health and meditation there, even for the next generations.
During the work, every inch of the property was planned and the small house was needed as a front building.

It hasn't even been concreted in if it doesn't stay there as it could affect plans on the property. In order not to disturb the vibrations to be set on the property, it has a vibration similar to that calculated for the property, but requires a fence for the actual separation. The location of the house was calculated to the nearest centimeter so as not to cause confusion later.


We "moved" into the unfinished cottage at both a convenient time and a convenient day which was April 18, 2018 and was held at Akshaya Tritiya.


We were actually "homeless" by then and we also became very tired, both mentally and physically devalued, so that we were forced to vigorously move in and sleep there. And one more time, one more time ...


A house's cleanliness is primarily determined by its structure, proportions and dimensions, while its material is best when it is natural. For this reason we have not used any synthetic or potentially toxic substances.
I've been dealing with organic food for more than 20 years, which in principle wouldn't allow it to be unnatural. Binders and paints are water based and we preferred the more durable and natural ones.
Quality was the first consideration, aesthetics were secondary, in fact we didn't even bother with it much - a little more inside. 

We made the frame structure with 12 cm x 12 cm beams, which became so stable that they could never collapse or deform. The rafters consist of 12x5 beams, while the terrace consists of 10x10 beams. All parts have been treated with a completely natural material against fire, mold and insects. The entire structure was made of pine wood with adequate humidity by appropriate weather. The pine is very good to the west, which made it suitable for the cottage's location on the property. In the house, only the table top and table feets are made of oak, everything else is made of pine and MFP.

The inside of the building was covered with MFP and pine, and the walls were also made of it. The MFP is pollution free, regulates air and steam very well, and is both healthy and strong. Since it's not that pretty, it was papered nicely.

The house stands on only 16 concrete slabs, which is why the air circulates underneath. With the first gusts of over 100 km/h we lay up in bed and laughed about what would happen if the wind lifted the roof or the house overturned. Everything in the area flew that was not fixed, but nothing moved on the house. There have been several such winds without any problems, as well as thunderstorms, heat and frost. After 3 years it is still horizontal, does not move, does not crackle and is waterproof.

The roof was a particularly difficult experience and was still a lot of fun because nobody had any idea how to do it. No example was found with plexi in the shape of a pyramid. We also looked for information in several languages ​​on the internet, but nowhere. Not to talk about suitable parts...

The challenge was that the plexiglass moves under the influence of heat, i.e. it expands or contracts by several millimeters, which can cause water to escape from the gaps (rubber clips) and the house is soaked. During the first heavy rain, we also realized that it's not that fun. We needed other solutions that we found difficult but successful. I think it was more fortunate that the plexiglass came into place and stayed there. But it works, it moves and he's fine, thanks. :-)

We were very lucky and had found a sheet for plexiglass - that moves with plexiglass! - and which filters 85% of the heat and 100% of the harmful rays and yet hardly obscures the view.

Since the plexiglass has only become a single layer, it has to be dehumidified in winter - dear Brahmastan. In the gallery we can see the top of the roof from every bed, where a bird often sits and chirps (sometimes, unfortunately, a pigeon), but they didn't even once dirty the plexiglass. In fact, they often come when we have to get up and stay for a long time. Not only does the invisible energy move freely up and down there, but also the air - always. We admire the result every time. It was a difficult but lucky idea to fully open the roof.

Colors are also vibrations, while shapes are given, we just obeyed these laws. It's actually a crude little house with tiny windows that aren't so small and colorful by accident. They are so small because we couldn't buy them bigger, and they are so colorful because they point to the colors of the cardinal points or reinforce them. Fortunately, their size was good for the house, while the colors in the gray winter, where the sun moves low, make the room inside colorful and not convey that gray winter feeling at all - more like eternal spring. In summer, the rising and setting sun also comes in through the northern windows, which gently soothes the air with cool turquoise and green tones. Pure daylight streams inward from above through the entire Brahmastan in the center of the house, which is enough to illuminate the interior until it is dark.

There are no walls in the gallery, just 4 pillars, which makes the feeling upstairs a lot quieter and more spacious.


Many, including us, thought that in such a tiny building, even narrowed by walls, there is a feeling of being squeezed in that space.

These dimensions are dimensions that vibrate with the entire universe and its useful vibrations and theoretically point to infinity and a field of infinite possibilities. Likewise, I would produce an outfit that is made by a tailor that is not only exhausting, but also gives a refreshing, comfortable and free feeling. Short pants or full pajamas, suit, the point is the individual size and the feeling is more comfortable. That is, the presence of walls cannot be felt inside, making it appear more spacious - like the universe.

An acquaintance who was very skeptical sat down in the living room and his first remark was that it was too small. He looked around, asked questions, had a coffee and in half an hour he was already saying that he liked it and that would be enough for him, and even with a woman it would be enough ...

Everyone inside thought it was enough and liked it very much - from ages 4 to 75.


With this science, a building is primarily tailored to the mind. In this hut, however, the size of the body was also required, so that up to a height of 184 cm and 90-100 kg per person no one has a problem there. If the dimensions of the time are also right, you knock as many parts of the body as I do on an edge: none & never. :-)
For us everything comes out at one step and things are perfectly at hand. Things don't usually fall inside, but when they do there is never a problem. A pot of freshly cooked corn was pushed off the kitchen counter and fell to its feet like a cat. Not even water spurted out. Closures tend to fall off the bottles, but with the opening facing up. Smeared bread fell on the floor and did not land on the smeared side. There has been no accident or misfortune on an energetic, mental or physical level since it was built.
What is a very interesting phenomenon to this day, when we enter or leave the house while talking on the phone, the train of thought can be interrupted and the file has to be searched for a few moments - search: thoughts. This comes from what is in the house: silence. The silence vibrates in the house, which leads to order and influence on both an emotional and a mental level. When it hurts out in the world, it no longer hurts in the hut, it is even forgotten.

"Don't go to sleep with anger in your heart."

That can't happen here! :-)


Time causes the following in this building:

- Positive energy income 4 out of 12.

- Positive energy delivery 3 out of 10.

- Yoni 1, the flag bearer and direction of the east, plus the precise alignment of the house (esa prache).

- Nakshatra, that is, the most important aspect, is the "absolute time" of Shravana, to whom the object also attaches to Vishnu.

- Sunday is its quality of 7 days.

- His future and his character are "pleasures" that stimulate all activities in him.

- Its zodiac sign is the Scorpio, which, in addition to being invincible, also equips itself with self-defense if necessary - since it is a peaceful Scorpio :-)

- Quality is good.

- The fire element provides prosperity and wealth.

- Middle-aged, experienced.

- Deva consciousness, with Siddha Yoga, etc...

The other results, denominations, and math equations are nowhere public, so I don't make them public either. However, I would like to point out that these equations go much deeper into qualities or ratings, with wealth, for example, being given a much deeper meaning than the amount of income and expenditure. In that one equation, "akasha" came out with "goodness" and "benefit," which leads to good karma along with prosperity. Income 4 and expenses 3 are enough to move financially up rather than down. We didn't need more, but the other "Akashic" result was all the more important to us. It could also be a “fire accident” or a fear of death or even a “death”. Speaking of wealth, don’t be accompanied by a fear of death anymore, right? No thanks. :-) 

This mathematical formula is not very well known and is increasingly less understood or used, but it is fundamentally mandatory in the architecture of the temple and was taken into account by almost all Vedic temples in their construction. There are more of these equations that this little house fits that don't even count on average buildings. It is a summary of all life-giving and favorable vibrations that can be programmed to vibrate for 207 years in this case. Then a part of the destruction of time follows and its time runs out, dies. However, with a complete renovation, the 207-year lifespan can be restarted at any time.

A good program requires good hardware and good software. In this case, the cottage is the hardware and the internal vibration is the software. 


Due to its structure, everything adapts to the interior (this is the strongest variation in contrast to the outside or center of the wall), i.e. everything up to the top of the house and the small fence adapts in 3 dimensions. The ratio of the house is 2 to 3, which is broken into nearly 5 million pieces instead of the commonly used 3 or 9 or 81 pieces for accuracy. Even at height it had to be divided into millions of parts to be precise - since it is an instrument that cannot be counterfeited.

The roof and terrace are extensions. The vibration was mainly valid up to the small fence, until then everything had to be accurate to the millimeter. For example, the mole does not come inside while it brings destruction outside. That is good, because within the small fence at least 8 crickets are freely playing music. :-)

akasha inside


3D trip:


- Upon entering the cottage we cross the E4 Pada, which points to the east and leads to fame. Since a Pada is small, both the E3 and E5 are affected by the doorways that mean victory and publicity.

There is a hallway through the whole house.

- On the left is the kitchen in the southeast. 1 square meter is tiny, but it can do everything that a large kitchen can do. Ayurveda for example .. We had already baked a lot of bread in it that had become heavenly. Everything is finished in it, for which a 1 meter wide worktop is available. Built-in refrigerator, oven and heater so they don't take up space in the kitchen. Small gas stove, spices, oils, glasses, cutlery, teas ... and both of us! <3

There are also 6 pairs of shoes in a drawer at the entrance on the side of the kitchen - downward.

- A storage room with machines, pans, plates and heavy objects was set up in the south.

The music is also here - in Gandharva Pada - and this is where the living room begins, which is oriented from the south through the southwest to the west and offers a seating area of ​​160 x 160 cm - with a view to the east and north.

- The south-western part is not recommended for living rooms, but for workers and for regeneration. It is therefore perfect for relaxed and calm dealing with thoughts and for recharging the mind and body. That is why there is the bed in the southwest above the gallery.

- There is a 'normal' window in the west. Here is the only movable object, the table, that resonates exactly with the house.

- A pantry is hidden on the west side of the northwest, including a mobile air conditioner (if necessary) and a ventilation opening, while a monitor hangs on the north wall.

- Next to it became the most suitable place for the stairs in the north. Given the specific and strict rules of the stairs, it was a difficult task, but it came together and didn't even get cramped. To the north is the shower and

- the sink is in the northeast, including a water heater, which is also capable of very hot water. Next to it in the corner is the sanctuary with Ganesha.




East and Brahmastan are not galleryed, which means that people who are taller than 2 meters can enter the house without any problems. The interior height is 187 cm, which means that 184 cm tall people will never hit their head anywhere. You can't stand up at the gallery, but you can wilt yourself all the more in the beds. Southwest-west is the main bed, while the north and south also have mattresses that extend to the east. The lying position is therefore good for everyone and no oxygen is consumed by the empty Brahmastan.

The roof has been covered with cotton on the inside, not wood, which weakens the vibration of the entire house, muffles the sound and makes it difficult to hear the activities in the house in bed. We really have to scream from the kitchen when the other is in bed. :-)




... one of the most important aspects of a building that we naturally took into account. The structure of the house ensures proper air circulation. Doors and windows open opposite so that the air is fresh within seconds. The maximum humidity is up to 60%, no matter how rainy the weather is outside. The temperature can easily be kept around 23 degrees both in winter and in summer. At the top there are 3 ventilation slots (all with north openings), one of which has a small quiet fan that refreshes the entire house in 1-2 minutes if necessary or does not let the gallery heat up. If this is not enough in the summer, the air conditioner effectively cools the gallery and the entire house from the most convenient location. The shower also has a 12 volt extractor fan. Almost everything works with remote controls - even most of the lighting. :-)
The temperature is even everywhere upstairs, but downstairs there can be several differences between two rooms due to the separate rooms. This heat distribution is very successful anyway, because it can be warmer or even colder above than below, which is often very good.

The view of the sky every morning through the glass pyramid (plexiglass), how the clouds float, while the sun literally shines on our belly in summer and wakes us up, sometimes with a beeping bird on top, when the sun moves in the house, or the moonlight at night ... it feels very good - as if we were part of nature! :-)


The garden:


... was compulsorily created. The fence was needed to increase the natural vibration of the house, which meant that the energy protection around the house was reinforced. The village we ended up in has some negative properties that should be balanced or neutralized, which made it necessary to amplify the vibration of the cottage. The cemetery is located in the northeast of the village, and the entire settlement slopes down to the southwest, which weakens the unfolding of the nourishing light. We also moved between 3 Death Metal families ... What if not the darkness, where a little light comes in useful? We got a real challenge and the experience of how wonderful the house is. There is calm. :-)

The garden was also divided into millions of parts during the design and designed in such a way that there would also be no disturbances. The soil was carried there by hand and cleaned of weeds and pebbles by hand. We only planted the permitted plants and treated everything with just one special material: Agni Hotra ash. It worked wonders!

This ash, together with the sun and time, enchants healing ash from organic cow dung for earth, water, air and people through a fire ceremony.

Inside the little fence to the southeast is a dwarf peach tree, lots of lavender, and just flowers, none of which are poisonous and don't attract nasty bugs.

Within the outer vicinity of the small fence, the plants were planted to the rhythm of the house to allow a transition to the property. Including gooseberries, black and red currants, goji, hazelnut bush, golden cypress, tulips and hibiscus.

Since the property is located in a windy area, we planted Cyprus to the west behind the house for wind protection - in the same rhythm.

Thanks to the small fence, there are no pests. However, other issues aside, the energy on the property got much better after the transformations.

We also got a cute little outdoor kitten that has been living with us for a few months and is incredibly friendly and intelligent - and healthy. We are impressed by his behavior. 

A rocking bed was also built, made according to Vastu principles and very well in harmony with the house and with us.

In addition, there is a mini cellar for groceries on the property, which is also based on the Vastu principles and in principle never becomes empty. As far as true and rodent zero. 

In the southwest we planted a fern (Ginkgo Biloba) on the property for future generations so that one can be enlightened underneath - and for its healing properties. We named him Valentine because he came to us on the festive day of the same name and his name resonates in the same way as the little house. :-)




... the house is very low (if you need: fan 20-30W, air conditioning 1 kW, heating from 1/4 kW to 2 kW, instantaneous water heater 5.5kw), lighting is only needed in the evening - even in very cloudy weather. The walls, the floor and the roof are also insulated (rock wool, thermal foils, wall thickness everywhere 15 cm). In the absence of shade, the house turned white, which is very cheap in summer. White got a little yellow pigment for UV resistance. The color is real Italian premium quality and of course water-based.

Somehow there are still 5-6 WiFi signals from the area on the terrace, but none in the house. The phone is very weak indoors and it is difficult to perform Bluetoot from outside as well. The 5g control system of a drone was disrupted and blocked by the house during the flight.


We didn't leave it to chance with the precision, and we were very excited to see what the cottage does and how this will affect us.
After we moved in, we left everything to chance and just let the life and the house drift away. We just watched what was happening and confided in the phrase "The temple is the embodiment of God".


We cannot deny a word of what is described in the Big Book!


Even on a beautiful beach somewhere by the sea, we often longed for this little house, because nowhere is it so calm, peaceful and comfortable as there.

What has been particularly impressive for the past 3 years is the quality and results of sleep. We just get up and stay quiet to this day, loving and finding it funny how pleasant it can be and how fit we are.

It is also very impressive when we cross the doorstep. We often forget what was outside, no matter how uncomfortable it was - it might even have hurt in front of the door. Often times we notice that the thinking and feeling are completely disrupted, which has distracted every minute all day before, and we just laugh at how weird and easy it happens, mostly without even realizing it. It doesn't always happen and it doesn't bother at all because the transition somehow goes unnoticed and pleasant thoughts and feelings come instead ... :-)

Aniko sometimes has weather-related migraine headaches and when she enters the house there is no sign of a headache after 3-4 minutes. This phenomenon also appeared in the garden and after she went in the house it went away, then she went out and it hurt again and after she went back it went away again ... But it also applies to any other pain. .. inside the house it will be faded or enchanted as if it was taken away.

For me, my hobby has been car racing since I was a child, but since we moved in, this thread was cut, something I could never imagine before ...

A lot has happened compared to silence, so life doesn't stop, just get a different quality: much better, happier, calmer, healthier. :-)




The state of pure mind is known to most meditators. This is the state in which reality is no longer necessary and cannot be perceived on an intellectual level. Intellectual awareness is body awareness, not mind. Between body and spirit there is still the soul, a state of consciousness that the meditator must go through during meditation in order to get to the spirit, and only from this state of consciousness can he enter the state of a unified field 'God-consciousness'.

Meditation is therefore built into this house, which makes meditation particularly easy and pleasant. The perception of time is also different in him, similar to meditation. Those who learned meditation in the cottage claim that they have not been able to meditate as comfortably anywhere else since then, or only rarely.
Such a building represents the principle and law of "achieving the best with the least possible effort", just like meditation.

Letting go is as easy as child's play, which is essential for the present. Stress goes almost unnoticed during meditation, disappears and does not return. The intuition is strong due to the deep calm that makes it easier to creatively adapt to challenges, has become normal and frees us from prejudice. The present seems louder than the past and the future.

We have removed the imprints and blockages in the house that we previously thought would last for the rest of our lives and that it was our fate. Fortunately we were wrong .. :-)


The building next to all of the above is still like a lens between man and the universe. It reinforces the desires of the human being towards the universe and the power of the universe towards the human being when this lens is well adjusted. If not, the desires stay within and the blessing does not come from outside. Or worse, and very often, when information between humans and the universe is corrupted due to the wrong lens.

A Vastu building is therefore invincible and essential.

Due to its exact shape, structure, dimensions, proportions and arrangement, it generates its own oscillation inside, which forms a light-sound-cross and leaves the room in the 4 main directions through the door - in this case - and through the window. Only an exact building can form an exact cross, which is very important for the effect. This strong beam of light and sound radiates both upwards and downwards and is so strong that no other vibration can adversely affect it from the outside in, which allows the object to protect itself, which makes it invincible, so to speak. This cross has long been replaced by beams in many designs, but it is clearer and more efficient in terms of light and sound.

Many of the letters and meanings of the runic script are in a Vaastu building - made of light and sound. The ancient language of 'Devanagiri Akshakara' is also officially related to the science of Vastu, which also formed the science of "OM" and thus created Ganesha from a scientific point of view (see our logo).

Invincibility can best be demonstrated in the language of physics by the Meisner effect, which mainly indicates supersymmetry, which is why the precise arrangement is very important. This cross has great power and is the oldest symbol for creation. And creation moves in one direction - inside out.

When others complain about weather fronts, negative planetary positions or collective nonsense, we just look stupid and don't feel affected ... :-)


There is only one setback to this comfortable existence: the collective consciousness.

The contrast was increased by the little house, which made us even more aware of it.

People lack silence and they don't know - so, too, is lack of knowledge.

Silence is God. Peace is god. The infinite possibility is God and love is creation.
If the house weren't so small, we wouldn't get out at all .. :-D

We didn't think it would be so strong yet gentle. At first it seemed too calm to be too pure but we got used to it and liked it from the first moment and we miss it when we haven't been inside for a long time.

For Aniko this building is a “good friend” and for me a “best friend”, which is very noticeable. According to Vaastu Shaastra, the “best friend” (Parammitram) is the best relationship anyway. I fully affirm this - I know what a best friend is like - same. :-)

Since then we've left every decision to the House and then something happens, it lets us know where to go, what to do, and we've just gotten better results than we expected so far.

One of the most pleasant places in the world - that's why Heaven.

And much much more... :-)

:-) :-)


The finished building has to adapt to the people, but while it is being built, the people have to adapt to it!

In pictures :




It was hard work and learning, but it was also a Divine blessing that we were able to participate in and that we have been enjoying ever since.

Thanks very much!

The project goes up a level





To be continued...


The 13th letter of the runic writing is " X " (B). Meaning: BABA, i.e. newborn, infant, child. According to Marton Veronika's book 'History of Sumir Culture', the wedge of "BA" means "gift, give". So BABA is a double gift, a donation. Related to her is the name of Bau, who is a goddess in Sumerian mythology, according to Ferenc Jós Badiny, corresponding to Our Lady. The miraculous Virgin of Csíksomlyó is called Mária Babba. Our word Babba means "Beautiful" based on the collection of János Kriza. Our cognate word is the midwife, who is an extremely important person at the birth of the baby, the helper of the mother and the child. Only from the 11-12th.  century onwards, ugly markers began to be struck, e.g. iron-nosed and scare children with it. Unfortunately, many of these great and knowledgeable women, who were honored with the word "golden woman" in our ancient religion, ended up on the bonfires of the papal Inquisition. Men, women, and even children were burned on charges of witchcraft. Even in 1756, the bonfires of the Inquisition fluttered in Hungary, and our ancestors, healers and Hungarian forefathers lost their lives due to sick evildoers.

The " X " in the number is 10, and the letter "B" is the sign of the baby, the child. In numerology, the sign of the hundred is " X " and " I " in a sign (unfortunately there is no such sign on the keyboard), that is, "TY", which is the letter of the Father.
The "
X " and the " + " in one, that is the thousand and the meaning in the Sumerian is Dingir, that is, God, which is related to the word Fairy of our ancestors. In the past, the fairy applied not only to the female sex, but also to beings considered magical, wizard. The rank of the Father is therefore between the child and God.
Arnold Ipolyi and Ferenc Kállay, two 19th-century researchers of our ancient faith, collected a lot of data about the benevolent, wise-white-bearded Old God, although no reference was made from our folk tradition to the subordination and superiority of the Old God and the Father God...

The meeting of the "X " and the light through the roof is therefore a child of light. :-)



The Ganesha / Ganapati being was created from the best phases of the moon.

The original - pre vedic - AUM / OM signal looks like this.

From the pre-Ashokan period, 64 Kalas / letters emerged in the Devanagiri Akshakara language - ancient Indian - which form the alphabet, the same as in a Vastu Purusha Mandala (8 * 8).

Each letter originates and is assembled from separate phases of the Moon - even formally, they are all spherical in structure.

These 64 letters all have a peculiar voice that comes from the Moon, by which Ganesha became the "Deity of the Alphabet."

The Moon is so perfect in representing the laws of the universe that it is almost enough to study and follow him to understand the relationship and operation of the Earth and the Universe.

From a religious and iconographic point of view, this is one of the reasons why Ganesha is the child of Shiva.


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