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Let's improve the world!


Let's give others the master key to success and happiness.

For harmony, peace, health and development.


It is a fantastic feeling and a pure, happy consciousness, to help others with this incomparable knowledge in a way that no other knowledge can. The good fortune of families can be created and ensured for generations.

We can create a milieu where kind souls prefer to be born, and those who are already here on this Earth can enjoy the beautiful and pleasant side of the world.

I have reached the level of passing on this knowledge to those who would similarly help in this world.

Those who would improve their own world also have the opportunity to do so authoritatively.

I am also ready to train even more Masters who will eventually pass on this knowledge as Masters.

I divided this vast knowledge into 3 levels.
The first level gives insight into the hidden laws of nature and introduces the potential of nature and this science.

This level provides knowledge that is very easy to understand and can be used in many ways for anyone who can count - yes, it's easy for children too. :-)

The second level already involves a lot of learning and responsibility, as well as passing on a lot of unknown knowledge to the disciple, with which he can already make a big change in the world and a wonderful career awaits him.

The third level leads to mastering the entire science and is only recommended for those who want to know and apply it much more deeply and precisely.

I also recommend the Aatmaalaya meditation to everyone who would like to start on this path, because with this meditation the human mind can understand this science more subtly, deeply and complexly.
And for those who would start on the path to become masters for teaching, Aatmaalaya meditation and the corresponding advanced techniques will be mandatory.

I consider this strictness important because knowledge is power and not in everyone's hands safe, and with this knowledge one should not make mistakes, one must always strive for perfection.
Like all Masters, I myself expect disciples, not students.

Those interested in the first level are exempt from these strict requirements.
However, I expect respect from them as well and I give it to them fully.

I welcome all applicants.

The topic of the introductory course:

       This introductory course provides an incomparable deep insight into the laws of nature and this science.

  • Description of traditional Mayonic science and technology

  • Biography of Dr. Ganapathi Sthapati, the last Shilpi

  • It is a historical compendium of the Pranava Veda, Vastu Shastra, Sthapatya Veda and Rig Veda, as well as the common denominator of music, dance, poetry, sculpture and architecture.

  • Relationships of Vastu Shilpa, Bharata and Maya in space and time on Earth.

  • Sacred geometry and its modern scientific position and explanation with thermodynamics.

  • Description of the exact relationship between man and building.

  • Why is the church and the house equal to God/the Creator?

  • A precise description of the elements of the Universe and their presence in everyday life and in buildings.

  • The effect of the main entrance of a building on the residents - benefits and dangers.

  • Advantageous and disadvantageous orientation of buildings and description of the effects of topographical slopes.

  • Description of vibration and resonance, i.e. every building is frozen music.

  • Why are Tuesdays and Saturdays different from other days, and why is the science of Vastu not astrology, but astronomy?

  • Functions of the planets of our solar system.

  • The explanation of why we humans on this planet turn right rather than left.

  • Clarification of compass inaccuracy.

  • Practical demonstration of the most accurate compass (Gnomon) and introduction to the development of ONE universal size.

  • The importance of shadows and their movements, from which the dimensions are also born.

  • The 2 qualities arising from the unity of creation, the explanation of duality.

  • 5 qualities of Veda and the 5 senses and the 5 natural laws.

  • The interactions of time and space, or rhythm and form.

  • Explanation of the concept of absolute time and description of the Nakshatras.

  • Bhoomi Time, or the scientific description of the "super time" (as in the video).

  • How and why energy becomes matter and Vastu becomes Vaastu.

  • Vastu Purusha Mandala (energy matrix) and the lawful connection of atoms.


  • What does Vastu have to do with pyramids?

  • What is the scientific definition of Heaven, Earth and Hell?

  • Why is everything ONE and the same, just in a different manifestation?

  • What does Shiva represent scientifically?

  • What is the direct relationship between Ganesha/Ganapati (Shiva's son) and the Moon?

  • Why is this science as old as humanity?

  • What came first the chicken or the egg?



  • Correct use of time in everyday life.

"Peace of mind and spiritual happiness;

in the end, that's what everyone wants.

These are the two fruits offered by buildings created by the science of Vaastu."

- Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati


"Rhythm and harmony penetrate the soul best."

- Plato

The duration of the intensive introductory course takes 3 days, 5-8 hours a day.
It begins in the 11th or 12th phase of the waxing moon of each month .

The teaching dates in 2024:
from July 17 (in German).
September 14 or 15
October 13 or 14
November 13
In the months of December, January and February, there are no group lessons, only individual ones.

It is advisable to indicate applications as soon as possible.

The participation fees:
Hungarian residents (or the first 5 applicants from other Eastern European countries) 1,000 Euros, Western European residents 1,500 Euros, Greek residents 800 Euros (only valid for the first 5 applicants), and our Indian friends 500 Euros .
These fees are partly introductory and net amounts.

The maximum number of people can be 5 people and it can only be held in one language at a time. The language of education is primarily German and Hungarian, and secondarily English.
The course will be held in the language in which they register for an appointment first.
It is also possible to choose an individual period, which is considered VIP and may incur an additional charge.
For group discounts, contact the introductory course in person.

This introductory course does not give you a diploma or gives you the right to give advice, but those who complete it receive a certificate of participation and can take home with them knowledge and familiarity that can be used to a large extent in everyday life, and this basic course is necessary to participate in further courses.

We are happy to help you with accommodation.
Meals will be everyone's own task, but for the duration of the education, we will be happy to serve you clean water and fruits.
Hygiene is very important to us and so is addiction-free living, which we also expect from the participants.
Mutual respect and honor are also important to us, especially when it comes to time.
I reserve the right to make changes.

We are happy to welcome applicants!

Thank you very much!


Advanced course:

Requirement: completion of a basic introductory course.

This course gives you a diploma and gives you the right to design 2D houses and furniture, correct buildings and give advice.

More information is expected later...


Supreme master knowledge:

Requirement: successful completion of the introductory course and the advanced level.

This course gives you a diploma and entitles you to 3D design for any object (from jewelry to the city, as well as sculpture) and consulting.
It explores complete science and complete mathematics.

To be Master for teaching, all levels must be completed and further stringent requirements must be met, such as gaining experience.

More information is expected later...

The teachings take place in small groups of no more than 5 people, in any case in person and in a pleasant Vastu environment in Greece, on the eastern side of the magnificent Mount Olympus, with an unparalleled climate and a view of the Aegean Sea.
The advanced and top levels, once started in person, can be continued online and can be concluded with an exam.

Personal teaching is essential, because in addition to the theory, you can physically and practically experience and feel the reason and effect of this science.



Please feel free to contact me by one of the contacts below.

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