Aatmaalaya Meditation

Space for Time in silence

Welcome to the meditation sheet of science, dear seeker!



Writing about meditation is not that easy. It’s like having to write about cycling or swimming for someone who hasn’t cycled or has never swumed before. None of the three can be learned, experienced and understood from books without personal education.

In terms of meditation, Space is the human body that vibrates through Time — its soul and heart. The source of Space and Time is Silence. Silence is the perfect balance from which creation begins. The product of creation has its own balance and in fact also refers to the ‘contamination of perfect balance’ by which it can be created - it can happen at all.

An ancient element responsible for all creation: Fire.

Fire shocks Existence and Existence begins to create. What he creates has his own balance, which can be broken down again by the Fire and the created also begins to create. This goes on as long as the whole Universe and what exists in it are created. With time, a universal equilibrium is formed in time, in which man also exists, also with his own balance.

Both creation and non-creation are placed in energy, which is the energy first represented by Fire and which makes it the primary task of all meditation to attenuate it. Fire causes many thoughts that are not always real. In a dreamy state of consciousness, this phenomenon is easily recognizable. It doesn't just rest ...

Thanks to this science, Aatmaalaya Meditation, with the most favorable, individually calculated vibrations - mantras - pleasantly brings one to perfect balance, to silence, to which he uses an ancient and natural - proven - technique. Both the human body and a temple are built rhythmically and from vibrations dominated by Time.

"The body is the temple of the soul."

Both the mantra and the technique are based entirely on a scientific basis, which frees you from religions. Thanks to this and because of its simplicity, it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of gender, age and faith. Who is actually ready for real meditation is another question... :-) 

It is hard for anyone against their own demons, so true success requires discipline, perseverance, determination, and understanding. Discipline to follow the rules. Perseverance even in difficult situations. Determination for impact and outcome. Understanding to make what is explained easier and to achieve that meditation also gives what it was created for - to improve all aspects of life!

The taming of the mind is important because the tamed mind results in happiness. This whimsical and unstable mind, which is difficult to curb, defend, tame, must be wisely straightened like an archer with an arrow.

In concentration, an untrained mind moves scattered, which the Buddha likens to the trembling of a fish taken out of the water and thrown ashore. You can’t stay in one place, jumping from idea to idea, thought to thought, without inner consciousness. Such a disturbing mind also conceals illusions, flooding with anxiety only to perceive things that are fragmented and distorted by the fluctuations of random thoughts.

In contrast, the trained and tamed mind can focus on its object without distraction. By focusing the mind on a selected object, all mental distractions are eliminated. Mental barriers are suppressed, the mind reaches undisturbedness and is fully absorbed in its subject matter.

The freedom of distraction evokes even more peace, joy, and happiness that make the mind an effective means of deepening into wisdom and liberation.

According to the Wise Men, there are 5 major obstacles to enlightenment:

Sensory desires, anger, lethargy and drowsiness, restlessness and remorse, doubt.

Beating these in return will earn 5 rewards for your efforts:

Flexible thinking, stable thoughts, focus and unity, joy, happiness,

Ancient Seer had no way to travel into space and discover its secrets. However, it was believed that the body and consciousness of a living being represented the body and consciousness of the universe, with a miniature inner function by which they could discover the universe and the world in which they lived. Today, Science accepts that the body contains the same as the rest of the universe and functions by studying and understanding their same natural laws.

Our body is the temple of our soul and pure - divine - consciousness is the home of our soul.

Aatmaalaya meditation is a combination of the ancient science of Sthapatya Veda and the natural functioning of human physiology;
We are created in the same way and we are all from the same. Our delicate soul is embodied as Vastu Vaastuvu. The subtle energy that is our soul thickens and takes on a body, just as the subtle energy makes up the temple. Both our bodies and the temple are built up by the power of subtle vibrations.

For a temple - or building - to vibrate in harmony with a particular body, it is necessary to coordinate the finest energies that exist, which requires knowledge of the laws of the soul, spirit, body, and universe.

For this understanding, the Sthapatya Veda does not analyze these subtle energies with human habits, but uses pure mathematics from the beginning of creation.

That is why it is not astrology, but astronomy.
It is in every interaction and rhythm with everything that is mathematically infallible to understand. Everything and everyone is made up of light and sound - vibrates - only perception can be different.

In terms of Aatmaalaya meditation, our body is music, our soul is voice. The sound will be music by technology and technique (tantra).

Aatmaalaya means ‘home of the soul’, ‘dance of the soul’; aatma = sound energy, soul that vibrates, dances.

Whether a human body, a plant, a planet, a temple, or a music concert is built, the law of nature, the science behind it, is what Aatmaalaya meditation was able to create.

Some also use this meditation in the form of dance, which can be easier especially for children. For example, while playing.
Sthapatya Veda also designs vehicles, so he is absolutely aware of the ‘tantra’ of movement. He pairs the human body with a temple, which carries the knowledge of both. The main Veda (Pranava Veda), resp. The embodiment of Vedas. Ayurveda is based on Pranava Veda, just like Joitishé ...

Aatmaalaya meditation awakens the Self and the dormant Vedas in everyone because they are there in everyone and everyone is the summation, the individual manifestation of the Vedas.

The Veda means 'knowledge'.

Timeless, eternal ...


Why do I recommend this meditation?

Because it can be done by everyone, it is simple but very effective - real meditation. They asked me to teach all these years, they kept nagging ... so now I teach. I really enjoy doing and teaching it. :-) The feedback has been very-very positive for years, which is why it has become official. I personally stand for meditation like cycling, which I teach when I can properly because I feel obliged. I can understand meditation particularly well through my enlightenment, among other things. :-)

I learned a lot about medicine (everything started with Maria Treben and my lovely mother, then on with classical and traditional homeopathy, allopathy, Bach flower therapy, light therapy, color therapy, acupressure and acupuncture, electro acupuncture, family constellation by Moreno and Hellinger, neural therapy, various kinesiological procedures , Colon hydrotherapy, metabolic therapy, Gerson therapy, traditional Chinese medicine - including Feng Shui -, gemstone and semi-precious stone therapy, telemedicine, meridian therapy, ceremonial therapies, metabolic therapies, taltos medicine, white magic, numerology, resonance therapy according to Nikola Tesla, Anthroposophy, spiritual and traditional psychology, paediatrics and Ayurveda ... I have probably forgotten something :-) ), but no approach is so simple and natural to heal yourself and to develop yourself.

With many medications, it is not easy to adhere to strict prescriptions, take medication properly (which also needs to be worried), tolerate side effects, walk around, seek, learn, experiment and try cures, and it still makes life besides the disease more difficult. Happy is he who has a family ...


In any case, it is much easier to sit down and act on the disease with just "doing nothing" or even better, to get out of it. Of course, it matters how, so that meditation benefits people. Our ancestors knew this and everyone meditated wherever we look for meditation in the world, it can be found everywhere. In meditation we listen to nature and the Creator while we speak to them in prayer. Not only can one speak all the time, but one needs to hear and understand the answer. Even better, you just ARE, don't talk, don't listen to anything or anyone, because the key and the secret of happiness can be found there. It's easier than a slap. :-)

The science of architecture, thanks to its sacred expertise, is able to create meditative spaces where it is not necessary to meditate extra, because practically everything takes up that pure energy by itself. Anyone who meditates in such a place will reach the meditative state very quickly and everything will become simple and easy. The point is the STATE that we achieve through meditation and / or building.

There are around 8-9 widely used meditations that are familiar to almost everyone who is involved with the subject of meditation. Movable, sitting, concentrating, concentration-free, etc. I have learned something about these and some smaller meditations over the last 20 years and have been able to use them together with their advantages and disadvantages.

There was also a movement and a sect among them that preached scientific meditation, but since I had no knowledge of these facts at the time, I just paddled in the same boat with the others, "meditated" and continued to experience. The experience went through mountains and valleys, sometimes not entirely pleasant. Often times I have not understood why it is so difficult even though I meditate by following all the rules and following the instructions and expectations of the Masters.

Because of this constant feeling of lack, I fell from one meditation to the next, searching for the truth behind the truths. Many pretended to be Masters, but they weren't. Other meditators were often seen to find that much meditation was not necessarily helpful to them. There were those who became sicker than them through meditation. It is okay to the point that the disease can inherently worsen, but most meditations that invoke health still did not get where they were supposed to be. It's hard to stop myself from criticizing some of them. :-)

Many are lost in illusions and still cultivate them today. There is already great business interest in this branch of spiritual medicine, and there are fewer and fewer true masters, really knowledgeable people. Which is logical, since a person experienced in the spiritual world does not look for a place in a material world, this is very stressful for him. Such people therefore tend to live in retreat, further away from the turmoil and electrosmog. I have already taken this step too. :-)


After a long search, I found a master and other masters - here and there in the world - who helped put the picture together and revive the Aatmaalaya meditation which is pristine, universal, ancient and therefore very effective and easy to do.

A natural meditation that is based on the gifts of humans and nature on a subtle and harsh level. On the one hand with knowledge in the background that forms the mantra as subtle, vibrating help and healing, perfectly tailored to the individual, and on the other hand, uses body technique as a rough level of natural body function to use the mantra for meditation in order to function properly.


As we meditate, our minds and attention reach ever more subtle levels where thinking no longer really works, and there is more of a level of non-interventional observation, similar to reaching the level of the core of the tree where we perceive vibrations , dns, where we don't deal with the rough parts of the tree. If at this level we don't know what to do and what not to do, then at this level it is easy to get stuck, get lost and the desired meditation doesn't work, or worse: we feel worse over time ... .

Another important fact that can also cause deep problems here is the mantra or a text, sound that the meditator "takes with him". If these sounds cause vibrations in the meditator that are not beneficial to him, they can easily cause physical and mental disorders that can affect all areas of life. Because of this, it is downright dangerous in the long run to follow religious meditations for people who do not have a deep attachment and connection to a certain religion and certain mantras.

The language does not matter how old or how it is deeply rooted in everyone. The sounds play a big role in meditation, not the words. After the results of the sounds and the intellect, words began to exist, suggesting that the vibrations of the sound are authoritative. Exactly that can only be explained and explained personally ...

There are three states of consciousness on which the Universe and we are built:

SATTVA - immobile condition

RAJASA - moving state

TAMASA - fast moving, rotating state.

When we are awake we are in the state of Tamasa. Every atom moves our whole being through its movement, which also influences our thoughts and our metabolism and we get tired, we have to rest.

When we sleep, we fluctuate between the states of Tamasa and Rajasa, depending on which state of consciousness we are in, dream or sleep deeply. The deep sleeper is no longer a Tamasa state, but not a Satva, but a slow Rajasa state. The coma is not a satva either, but a rash.

When we meditate successfully, we are in a sattva state.


The human body is originally a rajasa that has access to tamasa and sattva states so that it can be 'spinning' and motionless. Our noisy world, on the other hand, strongly represents the quality of Tamasa, which also forces people to this quality and often leads to overdrive, which leads to diseases and problems. A cell that over-turns turns into a tumor that almost everyone already knows. The reason is in the word: rotation - overspeeding - Tamasa quality.

Stress is equal to the tendency of the Tamasa state to overtax itself. It doesn't have to be, but it will anyway, for it is a fundamental nature to move. The opportunity for its development has given our earth a turning away from Tamasa quality to Rajas quality. He still lives strongly in Tamasa status and supports similar states, i.e. Stress, conflict, problems and diseases, etc.


On the other hand, humans naturally also have access to the stagnant state of consciousness, which should be emphasized in such cases in order to counteract or prevent over-revving.

In the satva state one can connect, become one with the infinite energy that represents the universe. Proper meditation is like a quick recharge and a quick cleanse. Much more effective than deep sleep. The brain still shows a lot of function in deep sleep, while order and calm in the brain can be ascertained during meditation. In this case, only deep inclusions can be resolved, which would otherwise be practically impossible due to the activity. A person's brain moves, is active when he is awake, when he is asleep, for the rest of his life until he gets tired. Meditation is the only way to truly relax and rejuvenate. In addition, the brain is constantly writing programs that it hardly deletes, these programs still running, which over time can be too much and the 'hardware' slows down, gets old, gets tired ...


The right instructions and the right tool, which is the best friend of all Aatmaalaya meditators so far, the mantra, will lead everyone to their own core and then to the core of being. It is a completely different joy to meditate with your own mantra, and after a while it will not be that it takes a full 23 minutes out of life twice a day, but that "Can we meditate more?"

You can negotiate for 23 minutes twice a day, but only to a limited extent. :) At the beginning there are at least 18 minutes and since it is also about the blood circulation in the body, it should not be less.

Some people started meditating once a day because they only had so much time, but most people meditate twice now and know the difference that makes them stand by the two meditations daily. It does a lot better.

When a person is born they step out of the protective cover, cross the gate, are greeted by lights and sounds, while they scream and open their eyes themselves. Light and sound are ancient powers that are instinctively used and perceived by every creature from the moment it is born.

At the moment of birth there are beneficial and less beneficial noises and lights, resonances, with the knowledge of which the Aatmalaaya meditation compiles the individual's mantra. To do this, mathematical and astronomical formulas must be followed so that the supporting noises and lights prevailing at the moment of birth can be calculated and 'perpetuated' in a mantra form. Mantras have no meaning for this reason, they are just a sound, short music for the meditator that is confidential, entirely his own and life-giving. The meditator is the only meaning of the mantra.

At the moment of birth, DNA also reacts decisively to these lights and sounds - vibrations - which develop more strongly in this short, immediately postnatal period than those inherited from genetic genetics. This moment of birth overwrites many things in the gene domain that developed in the womb.

Thanks to the intelligence of the human body, the newborn body stores these positive vibrations and information in the stem cell, which has found its place in the spinal cord in search of protection. It won't even come out of its own accord, even if not kindly asked.

On the other hand, when these cells are stimulated with the vibrations of which and by which they are composed, they are activated and begin to pool, to heal. It is on this information level that the communication and connection between cells and vibrations is established, which enables cells to function healthily throughout the body.

Isn't it wonderful? :)


I have to admit - given my current position - that most of the students have been to Greece so far, where there is not even a word for meditation, but they have a lot of faith in God and in people, in nature, which is why they are interested meditate and enjoy it. They call this meditation divine protection, which is actually true. There are already meditators in America who prove that they are fine on their own.

I have been spreading Aatmaalaya Meditation for 5 years with 100% positive feedback. At first it didn't have a real name, I just called it "Primordial Sound Meditation". Then the masters put his name together and recognized the technical and energetic functioning and source of the whole, which is none other than the Pranava Veda, the oldest and only Veda. The Pranava Veda, (the knowledge of the people also in Atlantis), was then perpetuated for the future by writing 50,000 verses. There was one source for these 50,000 poems: "OM".

108 further sounds of the OM are formed, which, taking into account the variation of the 108 sounds to the power of five, finally results in the meditator's mantra. Because of this, it is almost impossible for two people to have the same mantra, just as it is impossible for two people to be the same.

The innermost consciousness (the soul = we ourselves) can finally intervene without stress in the events of the coarser levels of the body, the fate improves, whereby the mistakes become fewer and in particular are not repeated.

Instead of revolution, evolution will be the result, making healing natural and automatic.

As if through meditation, the meditator immerses himself in the motionless Sattva state (pure, standing), takes over the state itself or its quality and washes with it. Just as someone dips into water and then stays wet, so does the sattva state. In the next meditation, the meditator is soaked again, which is strengthened by regular repetitions with every meditation and the quality of the balance is increasingly maintained even in the waking life, whereby over-revving is automatically eliminated and avoided. The point of meditating twice a day is actually so as not to dry out. :) The dry branch breaks while the fresh one bends. We look very much like trees, and even though we aren't, we still have roots, branches, fruits, and seeds.

Aatmaalaya meditation soaks and nourishes the soul for healthy fruits.

Each mantra has only one meaning and one purpose: the meditator.

That is why I recommend this meditation - from a pure heart. <3


Acquisition of meditation:

For the first time there will be a presentation where the duration depends on how long it takes the participants to understand, but usually in 2-3 hours everyone knows everything they need to know about the sources and the meaning of this meditation know. In this talk we introduce ourselves, introduce meditation and its science and answer all questions that arise - as long as they don't go into the details of education. Such demonstrations can be more than one. Alternatively, the performance can be individual or in groups and independent of location. There are those who want to learn right away, and there are those who still sleep a couple on it and get used to more subjects, person chooses. :-)


On another occasion or another meeting, only one person is present, the student and I present the meditation in more detailed fashion. I describe the process and use of meditation in more detail. This is already the day they learn and try. This means that on this day they receive their own mantras in sound-light quality and even try it out with a meditation experiment. Of course, this meditation is always successful and from there the student can practice his meditation anywhere. In principle and practically. The "mistakes" they make are natural, not accidental, and instructive. :-)


I will also check the success for the third time. If something is not clear to the student, we will correct it and give answers to the questions asked - because by then there will be many of them. :-)


Theoretically, this is the end of the training, the students can meditate independently. You will receive a diploma and many, many blessings. :-)

In practice there are those who still consider contact and guidance to be useful after the training, which I am happy to take on for an indefinite period of time. Although this is a rare case as this meditation unfolds the self which is beyond the meditator's attention in his future, he gets to know himself and begins to heal.

As a control, everyone is seen with love at all times - even after decades. I also recommend meditation together and try to give it a chance.


After the basic meditation you have the opportunity to expand the mantra or learn advanced techniques for this meditation if you feel like it.


For those who want to meditate in groups, there is a room in Budaörs / Hungary - Akasha - to do this. In this room I made a high vibration correction through the sacred architecture, but the basic properties of the room are also good, which makes meditation more undisturbed and easier. The training courses also mainly take place here. I can go home if I want.


If someone would like to add to meditation, I would be happy to give a natural pranayama practice and a special series of asanas that can be used independently or before the meditations to strengthen and facilitate the process and effectiveness of meditation. Pranayama lasts 5 minutes while yoga asanas last 20 to 30 minutes and are perfect for meditation purposes. I pass these on after the training as complementary meditation exercises. We usually incorporate it into common meditations, but we don't all have to participate.


As an enlightened soul (no joke :)) with yogic initiations, common out of passion in many naturopaths and spiritual psychology, I can assure the students that no questions will remain unanswered that could make them unsure in their lives. I can give 100% support if needed. With heart, soul and experience, I can ride a bike well. :)

On the positive side, every Aatmaalaya meditator is independent, which means that he is neither bound to me nor to dogmas. You are just free.


The performance, which is carried out individually or in groups, is completely free of charge, as are the pranayama and yoga asanas, as well as the support and meditations for an unlimited period of time.


Unfortunately, 1000 words don't say as much as a look or a gesture. It is an inability to assess, learn, or even master meditation on a website. It's easier on the phone, but if you are bored and want to come to a conversation, you can also get a look at many rare documents to understand this meditation - and much more. Of course, I also like to come home.

: -)



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