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Sound, light, time, space, air, fire, water, earth.






When the word "God" is uttered, many billions of different opinions are born, with infinite ideas, but they usually agree that there is one of it and all of it came from the one, so to speak, He created. He is the Almighty, the Creator, from him and through him became everything and everyone that exists. It’s like a source from which everything has erupted.

Everyone is wondering what he is made of, who created him...

Every religion explains it differently, but religions have one thing in common from which they start: reality.

There have also been many opinions about reality, which are being tried to support with science today. Unfortunately, forgetting God often happens at the expense of this, so groping takes place mostly in the dark.

Vedic science is the most ancient science on Earth and is completely timeless, which precludes its obsolescence, that is, it is always, everywhere correct in time and space, true.

The high-conscious people who wrote the Vedas sound strange, but they had 100% brain function or brain capacity, that is, they perceived 100% of reality. Today’s average consciousness, i.e. brain function in a person, is below 10%, which only allows him so much knowledge of reality.

This large difference is due to the fact that the Earth - planet - was then in a different (own) state of consciousness, which resulted in higher vibrations on Earth that brought more intelligent living beings to life. This included man, animals, and flora. This age is called the ‘golden age’ because it is ‘pure’. Its origin is due to our journey in our Galaxy, in which our solar system resides on the bright side of the Galaxy plate for 12,500 years and below, on the dark side (dark age) for 12,500 years. On December 21, 2012, our solar system ascended to the bright side of the Galaxy Plate, which is not yet the Golden Age, but the light is already visible and raises consciousness both on Earth and in their living beings.

The entire circle in the Galaxy is 2.5 million years, having both bright and dark ages. These times are called Yugas and are divided into 4 parts: Krita (Satya) Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. In the Golden Age the age of man reached 1000 years, while in the Iron Age it did not reach 50 years. Depending on their size, Maha Yuga or Chatur Yuga, etc.,

Galaxies and good and bad times come from the source that everyone calls God. So God must be something that includes both good and bad, some Unity.

The Pranava Veda, the first and originally only Veda, calls God a state of consciousness or a state of mind, respectively, which is unmanifested. Silence and purity itself, everything and nothing in one.

In this state there is 99.99999999999999 ...% purity, but also a tiny impurity that occures creation. In this sense, creation is the result of impurity. Perfect silence can only be made unclean by a vibration that can create creation.

Creation happens as a spark, which is such a huge explosion that it carries both sound and light. From the moment this explosion occurs, time begins to tick and as time passes, it creates space with sound and light.

What is created in creation is ENERGY.

This energy, at the moment of creation, carries with it time, space, light and sound and fire. The elements of water, air, and earth are also present, for without them only a large space would have formed in a state that does not exist for physical bodies.

And at first this also happened after creation, because for a very long time only space existed, which vibrated, sounded, shone empty over time. This age was called MAHAKAALA because only time existed and spread unbridled. Then not a single grain of dust was formed, no atom, no smaller particles. This state can be called Spirit in our language, followed by the Soul and finally the Body.

Only one particle multiplied itself then: VASTU.

It spreads in God alone and only with the ingredients of which the source itself, i.e. God, is composed:


God is thus the summation, the unified state of these elements, unmanifested, while His Creation is the manifested state of these elements (of Himself), the VASTU.

In this way, VASTU is the same ENERGY as GOD.

The ancient standing state, which we define as God, embodies itself in the form of ENERGY, which has specific laws, which law is called:



From unity, duality is created almost immediately by the creation, which is regulated by RHYTHM and TIME qualifies it from there in anything that is created in this creation dominated by TIME and SPACE, in our Universe.

This can be seen in the observation of the Yugas, where time fluctuates, with positive and negative effects.



Space (AKASHA) is also one of the 8 accessories of the creation. Not to be missed.
We can say that TIME creates SPACE. There is no space without time.
The Sthapatya Veda does not deal with states before and outside of our universe.

Before the world was created, the 8 elements were ONE.

"Creation is the result of inner vibrations."

Those who have this science are the RISHIs, SIDDHAs, MUNIs, MAMUNIs.
Vastu science = MAYAMATA or the science of the 'small / fine particles' of VAASTU RAHASYA = BRAHMARISHI MAYA'S MAYAMATAM.


They are VISORS or people with a very high and pure consciousness.
Among other things, they created the PRANAVA VEDA and were the first to keep SKAANDA PURANA, while this was later abolished and replaced by SKANDA PURANA (short A).

"Eka eva pura vedo pranavha sarva vangmayha" - "the first and only VEDA a long time ago"



(It is about how something became out of nothing, like in Sthapatya Veda. It contains knowledge of EVERYTHING, from creation to infinite times - all of the Vedas known today).
In the NEW SKANDA PURANA there is a (ridiculous) story / explanation for it about BRAHMA (God) and MURUGA (Subrahmanya).
When MURUGA, who was in possession of the essence of PRANAVA VEDA, asked BRAHMA what the meaning of "OM" was, BRAHMA could not answer.
MURUGA was sad...


Om is Pranava Veda.


The scriptures that write about it are VAASTU / VASTU SHAASTRA.
This was confirmed by the bloodline of SRI VAIDYANATHA STHAPATI and Dr. V. GANAPATI STHAPATI preserved through a millennia-old tradition and passed on to the world purely from the original SKAANDA PURANA.

I cannot avoid not including 1-2 DIVINES in the subject because they have an important scientific background, and I cannot avoid using Hindu or Tamil languages ​​because somehow they always have an important place and meaning .
Like Hungarian word games, these languages ​​are very complex and I hope they can be felt, understood ...

TAMIL is a language and also means "sweetness".



"PARAMAANURITI PROKTAM, YOGINAAM DRSTI GOCARAM" - "The Paramanu atom is only visible to the meditator"



E = mc2.
This is nothing other than VASTU = VAASTU.
"E" (energy) = AKASHA LIGHT = "m" (mass) x "c" LIGHT "2" SQUARE.
This is then: "E" = CUBE = mc2 = CUBE.

Would that be VASTU PURUSHA?
I agree.
This is the first consciousness or awareness. The first phenomenon.
SHIVA embodies VASTU in the form of light and sound (standing, vibrating, dancing, active), while VISHNU embodies VAASTU, he is more light, matter (lying, calm).

They are the same, only one is tiny and the other is visible / audible / perceptible to us, i.e. micro = macro.


SHIVA symbolizes exactly this.

When something creates / starts and moves in one direction, it needs space because it travels a distance in one direction.
Time creates space over time.
The cube is three-dimensional, so SPACE.

The point is zero-dimensional, but in order to exist it needs SPACE.

The line is one-dimensional, it also needs SPACE.

It takes time from any point on the line to any other point, so SPACE is essential to its existence.

As a result, our universe is expanding as TIME moves.
The time of creation is called "ABSOLUTE TIME".


ABSOLUTE TIME creates life.

It creates time, space, light, sound, fire, water, wind and earth and everything that has become or will become in the universe.
So everything and everyone has an ABSOLUTE TIME.

SHAASTRA writes about VAASTU PURUSHA as the embodied old tiny / subtle energy on EARTH.
"PURUSHA" is the ancient, tiny / subtle energy + "VAASTU" is the embodied substance that PURUSHA penetrates here (also) on EARTH.

The essence of the universe, the universal consciousness.

In Sanskrit this is called "PRAJNA" or PRAJNANAM and UNARVU in Tamil.
Otherwise "OLLI" or "OLLI UNARVU".
This is UNARVU or PRAJNA, the inner consciousness of the EARTH.
It refers to the quality and physics of EARTH which is self rotating and moving forward.
("OLI" sound, while the "OLLI" light.)

MAYA sees the EARTH as a cow that gives abundance and love!

THE EARTH is a living organism that lives in the universe in complete harmony with the universe.

But let's stick with these little cubes.
There is a cube full of light and sound that also carries the rhythm in relation to its walls.
It already has a ratio that is 1: 1: 1.
The length of one side is a "TIME WAVE". The same applies to SOUND WAVES and LIGHT WAVES.
This is the first distance, this is the first size, the first wave. 
There in this CUBE there are waves diagonally in it and also parallel.
These sutras are the most important WAVES, DIMENSIONS, RHYTHMS.
The TIME gives dimensions with waves and distances.

Wonderful and simple, isn't it ???

Let's see.
So this cube was the first phenomenon. Completely symmetrical. Clean!
This pure state was called "NAAGARA"; H. SAATVIKA. CLEAN.
This cube is motionless and stands. It divides or rotates as its consciousness decides.
Its next state is the dynamic (UNARVU, PRAJNA) thanks to the fire of the universe that created it in the first place to be created.
This state is called "DRAAVIDA" which means RAAJASA. - DYNAMICS.
The clean cube begins to spin and thus becomes dynamic.
In this phase the shape is the OKTAGON in 2 dimensions.
Its next state in two dimensions is the CIRCLE, which is due to its unbridled acceleration. ROTATING.
This state is called "VESARA" or TAAMASA.
Since it is apparently and physically no longer the CUBE, it is furthest away from CLEAN, which in turn is still the CUBE, which just spins very quickly.

It's not the opposite of clean - dirty. This is misunderstood by many. No one is better or worse than the other, only its quality is different. All 3 properties are necessary for existence.
The ATOM is then formed from this rotating little cube. Over time (and space).
If we stop an ATOM and disassemble it, we will find many cubes in it - in a pure state.
That sounds funny, but to top it off, if we stopped the earth it would be a cube!

The universe is logically a big cube - that rotates.
The universe is a cube because that little cube, thanks to the Universe's own fire (AGNI), creates additional cubes that come from the first cube, and so on. With the momentum when the little SWASTIKA and the little cube came out of the middle, the first dimension, it goes on ...
This happens at an enormous speed and the cubes multiply into more cubes and form our universe itself.
The universe is made up of such tiny LIGHT-SOUND CUBES and when it expands symmetrically, it remains symmetrical, i.e. H. CUBES.

I'm trying a visual explanation ...
We put a CROSS in our first small square covering the center of the square with the center of the CROSS. Each CROSS extends beyond the walls of the square and rotates proportionally (1: 1: 1) in a direction parallel to the walls of the cube - right.
This creates a SWASTIKA and this is exactly where SWASTIKA comes from.
The process continues until these little SUTRAS form new squares.
3-dimensional: dice become dice and dice again and it goes on forever until someone turns it off ...

The Sthapatya Veda writes about the Big Bang phenomenon that "space and material were one and the same".
Then someone got bored ... and the big bang was the first word that asked about light ...

So man once stood here on earth, the wind was blowing, it was raining, it was snowing, the sun was shining, the moon was circling the other players in the solar system, times changed here and there and he thought he would build a CUBE, to protect yourself from the whims of nature / the universe.
This perfect cube was originally called house (CHIDAMBARAM) and temple (SRIRANGA) and embodied ONE VEDA, PRANAVA VEDA.
The religion of India was once VAASTU!
Our ancestors, the Huns, also knew that the CIRCLE shape moves while the SQUARE / RECTANGULAR shape is stable.


VAASTU DHARMA / VAASTU MATA = number formula system.
TUDI = time unit, vibration, pulsation.


The dancer indicates the TIME VALUE with his steps and the RHYTHM with the applause.

Sounds are three-dimensional tiny images / shapes ...





TIME is traditionally KAALA. It is actually the energy force that is generated by the inner consciousness. The speed at which the kaala appears in the energy is vibration. Without Kaala, energy cannot transform into space. Hence, they claim that Viswakarman is a creative element of the universal space. When properly disciplined, this changes into what is called "orderly speed" or taala or rhythm as it is expressed in technical tradition.

The rhythmic oscillation of sound or matter creates well-structured, pleasant shapes. This is done in the name of universal creation. In religion, the phenomenon of time is marked and personified as an aspect of Kaala.

काली त्वं कालस्वरूपी indicates the Indian Shilpiks and their worship of the Kaali god.

The best examples are Kaali Kottam from Kancheepuram and Kaalikambal Kamateswara Temple, Madras.

These two temples are in his possession. They are very old. All major Kshetras (temple cities) have either Kaali or Kamakshi temples attached to the traditional Shilpis. Later, in this regard, Ankala Parameshwari, Mariamman and Kaliamman were established in Tamilnadu.

The masculine aspect of creative power is the Viswakarman of Vedic origin. Since the Shilpiks follow the principle of creation, which is perceived in universal vibration and coded in the Vaastu Shastra (grammar of creative forms), they were called VISWAKARMAS.

Viswa denotes Akasa खम् in Sanskrit / Prakrit, from which Khammakara and Karmakara, which means Viswakara or Viswakarma, emerged. In addition, of course, there is Brahman - the Nirguna Brahman without the attribute - Viswa Brahman, to be precise.




Vibration is water and life.

Jambukeswarar, Thiruvanaikal is one of the five main Shiva temples of Tamil Nadu (Pancha Bhoota Stalam), representing the Mahābhūta and the five great elements, respectively.

This temple represents the element of Water.

Water bursting from underground continuously supplies water to the nearly 2,000-year-old temple.

What is very remarkable is that it has a Shiva statue that has only one leg (ekapada). Shiva also shares this one leg with Brahma and Vishnu, who grow out of it laterally and form 104.5 degrees between the two of them. In front of them there are 2 animals and 2 people on the ground.

If we examine the atoms that make up water, we find a strange coincidence between the statue (and the whole Temple) and the water molecule.

Vedic science has known the atom for thousands of years and its composition, its function, which has been recorded in such Temples.

"Water is H2O, two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. But there's a third thing that makes it water, and no one knows what it is."

- DH Lawrence (1929, poet)

"Water can or does contain information."

- Dr. Masaru Emoto (Japanese scientist)

"Of all the known fluids, water is probably the best studied, but the least understood."

-Felix Franks (physicist, chemist)

When water turns to ice, the otherwise vibrant molecules solidify and turn into crystals, but the ice doesn’t necessarily have to be cold, as physicist Marius Millot knew and made ice that is half as hot as the sun.

Superionic ice, for example, is a very interesting ice: it is made of water, black, and absorbs light. It has another very unusual property: it is halfway between a solid and a liquid substance. In superionic ice, oxygen is located in a fixed pattern and forms three-dimensional crystal lattices, while hydrogen flows as a liquid in this lattice ...

Water is a mysterious liquid?

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that Water loves to listen to music, at least classical. Bach’s or Mozart’s compositions create magnificent crystal structures. Often the nature of the music is reflected in the forms of the crystals. However, water exposed to heavy metal music can no longer crystallize. The originally beautiful hexagonal crystal decomposes rapidly into thousands of pieces. This is the information that is prevalent in our body by water.

The science of Vastu therefore tunes objects or buildings precisely with vibrations that are life-giving to all living things on this planet.

On a material level, three-quarters of our bodies are made up of water. On a subtle level, 100% of our body is Space, which consists of vibrations, information, forming structures like the molecule of water.

In water, sound propagates more than four times faster than air, i.e. water carries and amplifies existing vibrations and information. It is sensitive to both pressure and heat, a sociable molecule like Air - it is happy to connect.

ekapada shiva - brahma vishnu

2x2 electrons

Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikaval
víz atom
Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikaval
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