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Design and correction advice, education from the perspective of Vedic architecture.



House buildings or temple buildings are embodied energies - Enclosed space is living organism - A building enclosing the space is surcharged with eight elemental forces, the quintessence of which is VASTU and it is VAASTU, when it takes material form.

temple as human body

Planning & correction

Planning, Correction
temple complex brihadeeswarar

I am available to give suggestions for the design and correction of buildings / structures / objects.



For this I use space, time and the resulting dimensions as well as structures and layouts for new projects and corrections.



For an existing building, I correct the old space/room with a new space/room.

In more than 90% of cases, this does not require any serious intervention or dismantling.

The dimensions and layout of the old room are being reshaped, i.e. the new space is formed by 4 new corners.

The exact dimensions and dimensions of these corners create a new atmosphere that creates a more favorable resonance.


Unfortunately, the options are limited; it is not possible to correct everything in this way.

The properties of the current space must be thoroughly and carefully studied, how or at all this ancient method can be improved, but the most important aspect is the rotation of the object relative to the cardinal directions.

If the rotation is AGNI-PRACHEE (unfavorable) this type of correction is not recommended.

It has already been requested, but the effect is a lot weaker.

In this case there are other options such as one (or more) lingam, totem, sculpture, placement of new furniture or modification of jewelry, ...


On the other hand, if the situation is happy and SUDDHA PRACHEE (parallel to the cardinal directions) or ESA PRACHEE (preferred rotation) is the state of the object, this correction is a very effective solution.


There are no additional criteria or they are secondary (e.g. slope).

With such a 4-corner-correction, the object and its associates benefit from a drastic positive change after 2 months at the latest.

The new favorable response, on the other hand, begins to take effect immediately, and the previous conditions begin to change without inconvenience.


This correction is used worldwide and is 100% successful everywhere.

I can fully confirm this in some European countries too.

This type of correction can arrange and eject aquifers, underground magnetic grids, and improve the quality of life in all aspects.

Healing and stress relief are the primary effects.

Business is starting up again, even if they were close to bankruptcy by then.

The relationships within and around us improve and reach a higher level of quality.

The effect depends on the customer what he wants. In order to find this out, I help personally and unreservedly; everyone can strive for what is most important, most beneficial for them. I always try to achieve the maximum that I can agree with the customer, i.e. I fully adapt to his needs - whatever it is.

In the case of a new project, the draft proposal is of course also possible in three dimensions and in great detail, as well as through mechanization or sewerage, etc.

Comprehensive surveys and analysis are a standard service to maximize the bottom line.
Ceremonies, initiations, muhurta calculation (best times) can also be involved and recommended for success.

Whether it is a new or an existing item, it is not tied to the religious aspects, which makes it work worldwide.

It is based on and builds on mathematics and the laws of nature.



The Column of Time

szentély lingam




Before, when I sometimes stood in fear

The old battles screaming on the wild edge

I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders

I carried it with me on my weak feet.


Like a well-packed chariot

Ruined under the weight of my sorrows ...

And the donkey pulled bitterly

Who I was, personally.


But today the hope is here because of you

And the light shines over my world again

Nature what you gave

Brought the shining sun closer!


My burden falls under me

My body, my soul is set free, maybe forever

I move easily and fly with the wind

My weak mind is filled with divine light.


You protect me as the mother of your son

I am no longer affected by the turbulent world

Now I can see through the dark mirrors

And I'm no longer upset about the tricks.


You protect me like the flame from the wind

Lying dreams no longer deceive me

The picture is clear and I'm blooming again because of you

Because by you, Lingam, I am being purified!




(Translation from Hungarian poem)



The Lingam is the most ancient, most healing, and most powerful tool in Vedic sacred geometry. In temple it has a place mainly, but there is a ‘portable’ version and it also occurs in nature.


Achala Lingam, Chala Lingam, Chalachal Lingam, Kshanik Lingam, Apakva Lingam, Pakva Lingam, Lohaj Lingam, Ratnaj Lingam, Daruj Lingam - Divya or Swyambhu Lingam, Deivata Lingam, Ganapa Lingam, Bana Lingam and Manushya Lingam Saivadika Lingam, Swastika Lingam, Sarvatobhadra Lingam, Sarvadeshika Lingam, Trairasika Lingam and Dara Lingam).


Coconut is also a Lingam that represents the 3 qualities of creation: The hard shell is Tamasa (circle), the flesh is Rajasa (octagon), and the juice is Satva (square). Pomegranates, white pumpkins and cucumbers are also Lingams ...

A specially made Lingam protects, creates abundance if its math (dimensions and proportions) are precisely calculated and its material is adequate. It supports all levels from the deepest: spiritual, material, financial, success, career, health, reputation, protection, relationships, harmony.

Wherever placed in a space, it 'repairs', strengthens, enlivens and, most importantly, protects.

Located in the north, it increases financial flow and good luck, balancing the closed north - female energy - as well as the faulty southern - male energy - direction.

In the East it improves the defects of the East and the West, helps to advance in life, while in the Northeast it also improves the Southwest and all areas of life, creating harmony with a view to the future.

It may still be a good place in the Northwest.

Completely in its element, it is in the centre of space, where it is almost capable of miracles and corrects or just supports the whole space and all directions.

Its placement must be as accurate as possible in all cases.

The Lingam is a radiant, energetic blessing, a beam of light that increases the flow of health and well-being with the power of the Universe. It gives energy and balances the innermost part of the body - the soul - by which it has an excellent harmonizing effect on the body as well.

A Lingam is made with very precise care and, of course, by hand, specifically and strictly over time in rhythm. The selection and processing of the material is strict and precise.

It consists of one piece, monolithic.

It is made completely personalized, whether for an individual, for several people, or for a business, or just for a temple. There are many varieties that work differently and require different treatment. Sri Yantra and all Yantra originate from the lingam as a source of all sacred geometry. The mainstay of the universe from which everything came into being. If the core of this universe has a favorable size and structure - its program - it will release that special energy to its environment - even for 1000+ years. Lingams are found in the most impossible places around the world, some more than 8,000 years old. It has the highest reverence in many ancient nations. "With the least effort, the biggest impact."

maya lingam ceremony
lingam wood handmade

I could be Pinocchio, but I won't ...

I'm a Lingam, hi!

I am carefully and lovingly made from wood with 4 hands in the rhythm of time. I am transforming from a beautiful pine tree to someone who likes to take in negative energy and turn it into positive every day, not just for a single Christmas.

I can celebrate up to 300 Christmases and generate Christmas energy every day for up to 300 years. My stone brothers can do this for up to 1,000 years.
I fulfill all possible wishes if they are not angry. I help to see clearly, that is, I support intuition. It is especially good to meditate with me. I care about health and balance. I help my masters / owners along the way to get safely to where they are going in their lives (or just to the shop) - I will hold their hands. I protect happiness and avert bad luck.
I have a favorite day and I'm especially in my element on this day. On this day you just have to ask me nicely, or ask cheekily ... I'll do it.
I love flowers, scents and a little space around me so that I can always give light when a candle is nowhere burning.

You can take me everywhere as a Chala Lingam, whether on vacation or to work ... I almost don't care where I am if I'm not in the rain all day or under the hot sun and not at one dirty, smelly place, I don't need temples either.
I get along well with everyone - thanks to my maths - but there are those for whom I am especially lucky.
My shape, my dimensions and proportions come from the deepest part of nature and offer a very wide range of protection that can affect all areas of life.
Because I embody a flag of fire - which prevails in me through mathematics (ayaadi, kishku hasta) - I project light around me and build it into those around me, but especially into the person (s) for whom I am preparing have.
I gently but effectively wash events with light and release stress from life so that the past does not have such a significant influence on the future. Healing is the result.


I am unique and yet I represent the unity.
That's what I'm made for.

Some references


My own handmade 'living organisms':

lingam certificate


Templecomplex with Murthi

- and all inklusive

sthapatya veda nataraja
fagyott zene rezgés hópihe
power of pixel



The macrocosm and the microcosm are the same. One is a copy of the other. The tree will have a seed, the hen will have an egg. It contains the tree in the seed and the hen in the egg. What exists on a subtle level also appears on a material level. What can be called the Creator also exists in its manifestation. That is, the Creator is what He created, self-sowing.
The big bang is a creation. This creation is the same as the Creator. What else would it be?
The space has been created and expands over time. Fire is an explosion that creates light and sound. The other elements - air, water and earth - are carried within the phenomenon, suggesting that the Creator must have come from these elements as well. According to Vedic science, the Creator is the unitary state of these elements in which there is no event, only one state. Events do occur and are present in such creations. Like sparkling water in which bubbles form in still water. These bubbles become our universe. It expands in the great "water" where all the ingredients are in the water. Just as the raw material of creation is in the Creator. The great consciousness has created a tiny copy of itself - a hologram - in a small consciousness so that it can unfold and experience.

The first state of creation is “Satva”, which is “pure” and, so to speak, is “divine”. It moves because of the inner fire - time, the dynamic of which leads to the “rajasa”, the intermediate state. It rotates, radiates and spreads through its inexorability, which leads to the state of "Taamasa". No more status. He stands, moves and turns. Once it has reached the peak of evolution, it turns around, slows down, and stops. It pulses how our heart beats or how we breathe. That is why the heart and breathing work automatically by themselves and that is why the room behaves like that.
Our whole body is made up of space, i.e. 100%. Together there are many possible manifestations of these many particles of space that can serve the human body so intelligently. This intelligence is the same for every object or living being, because they have developed from it to what man is. What distinguishes it is CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness changes with experience. Just as Vastu transforms into Vaastu through experience, the manifestation also becomes a manifestation that can continue to experience and progress in its development. So when you say that something or someone is evolving is not really a correct statement as everything was created by the Creator himself, so there is obviously no goal to evolve towards. What happens to everyone and everything is a process of experience in endless possibilities.

The process of this space from the center results in a structure that leads to perfect symmetry. This structure is the backbone of our universe on which everything is built, from which everything is created. The matrix.
There can only be one suitable component of a matrix: the square. The square can expand in all directions, so to speak, without creating a gap or asymmetry in the structure, while it is itself completely symmetrical, allowing it to transmit the threads of creation - sutras - in all directions.
The space is expanded by these lines and connected to the next space. In particular, these sutras form the next tiny space in rhythm (in the form of a swastika). They are all square and have the same awareness for the time being. They hang together in the same form and build our universe in constant expansion ...
The fact that a creation happens at all is based on an 'idea' that represents the beginning of all deeds and can actually be connected with one element: fire. If there is no fire, nothing never happens and the Creator does not create anything. Therefore, a big bang is the moment that can be called creation. He had an idea. :-)
The Creator wanted to experience himself and has done it quirkily and endlessly ever since.
We humans and earth beings do not necessarily need a diverse, bizarre experience of nature.

And here comes the picture of a building or a temple.
It is an ancient instinct of every living being to have a home that will protect them from the whims of the elements.
As a living being like man, when he realizes that he is also the Creator, when his consciousness expands and becomes one with the universe, he knows what elements to defend against.
The knowledge of space gives people, together with the other 7 elements, the strength to protect themselves from their moods and to live happily on earth.
During the creation process, fire is produced after air, while water on earth (Planet) is created after air, which shows that its order is unique and that it is also based on the fact that it can be inhabited by humans.
The earth is a mother of man. Gives and loves.

A built space can provide the best protection if necessary, so this space must be a perfect replica of the universe and the Creator. A temple is therefore the same as a house - an enclosed space.
It is not a question of what Vaastu is, because all this space is Vaastu, but what universe it represents, with what qualities. Man has needs on this planet that he will receive when he is in harmony with the Creator, the universe, nature, the earth.

A temple is empty, a house is not. The temple represents the space most clearly; a building does this more on a material level. The temple embodies the unmanifested when that energy is still "virgin," i.e. has the greatest influence on any further manifestation. At this level, you specifically decide which type of tree to make from the seed or what to expect from the egg.
In the house because of the walls and furniture, and people who sleep and cook, the space is not as strong, but it can have the same characteristics as the temple. Of the two empty rooms, it is the temple, whose mathematics lead to it. In temple architecture, all mathematical formulas must be followed, while in a residential building, most aspects are left to chance - capricious - only those that are important are counted. You are left to fate.
The temple creates strong, stable vibrations like a quality instrument. Both the temple and the accordion must be tuned to produce the correct music. What they both have in common is that the music outside the building or the instrument is stronger. The vibration in front of the entrance to the temple is even stronger than inside. This of course applies to all buildings. The kind of music - vibration - that a space creates gives something special to its surroundings. If the music in the house is good, many people still sit in front of the house and have a good time.
Therefore, there is generally a lot of space in front of the temple. The orientation of our churches is evident in our western world. This is certainly not a coincidence, as the internally generated energy of the space flows most easily to the south. That is, the many negative, painful energies that believers bring into the churches can leave the south quickest and the space becomes clean again. The entrance door to a residential building is therefore strictly forbidden in the south in the middle of the house, while it has its place in the church there. These laws can be observed in the construction of temples and churches in any religion.

The church, the temple is the home of God - let's say Westerners in this modern world. Indeed, they are the embodiment of God.
If God's original, ancient state is pleasant, then that state must be embodied in a temple, or church, that is its mission.
The space of the temple thus vibrates on a wave with the Creator and his enjoyable aspects in every respect, which are decisive and indispensable for perfect happiness on this earth - both two-legged and four-legged.
The pyramids had the same task: to create and maintain harmony across the planet through vibrations.
Many pyramid temples have been studied around the world, and at some level, despite their spacing, they were built in exactly one line. A net can often be seen through the location of temples and pyramids, which have also been tuned to work together to protect large areas. Using a very similar spectacle to being in a computer is the way the processors are laid out in parallel. Order is the father of success.
The Meißner effect, or for example thermodynamics, explains a lot about the importance of these phenomena in today's science.

In some Vedic temples, the elements inside can behave differently than in a residential house. For example, water can be found in the temple - Garbagraha - in the southwest and even in the middle, which is not recommended in a residential building - rather forbidden.
There can be one object in the center of the temple: the lingam.
The lingam represents the embodiment of space. Its shape, material and dimensions determine which properties it should be equipped with. The lingam must be in perfect union with the temple, which symbolizes the fetus and supports the growth of the vibration that the temple represents. Every space creates additional space. The lingam in miniature while the temple mostly creates extra space, or you can say atmosphere. Like music going through its sound creates sound forms that influence, modify and create other things in other spaces.
In the case of the deities, the exact procedure is the same, but they don't get into the middle of the space, they get more behind it. While a lingam supports the temple's own vibration, the temple supports each other with a deity, but primarily the temple supports the deity. Space is attuned to the Creator, the universe, nature on earth and the given deity. In this case, they are even tailored to the person or persons who can establish such a temple.

Both lingam and deity must be very precise in their proportions and dimensions in order to adapt perfectly to a particular rhythm.
The church, or the temple, do not represent emotions mathematically, so it is possible to experience “emptiness” there instead of getting lost in the illusions that emotions create. Meditation is about: experiencing pure awareness without illusions.
A temple is therefore also seen as the embodiment of meditation.
The emotional element is already mathematically contained in the house so that everyone can live their own world there, but does not detach itself from reality due to the protection provided by the space. The house is always a temple somewhere, which means that the house is also the incarnation of God, i.e. of the Creator.
The construction of the temple must be very strict and precise, nothing can be accidental, everything must be precisely planned and the plans must be strictly followed. Just like an instrument. It has to be perfect in all of its cartilage so that you can play the music you want. This is not that much of a challenge in an empty box-like room, but when we expand and decorate that space, it is already a very careful task. Expansion and decoration must always respect the basic space and present its properties and dimensions in rhythm. The extension and decoration is created to reinforce the fundamental vibration. When you look at a temple, you can almost hear the music it depicts.
A space can harmonize or spoil its surroundings, it always depends on how and how strongly it vibrates.
With that in mind, this science was created.

The original temple is a cube that symbolizes the head of man - this is where control comes from. Further extensions in this regard correspond to the human body. The human body, in studying proportions and rhythms, conforms to the principles of vastu and vaastu.
The decorations come from the vibrations that the temple creates and that its waves embody, as expressed in the hairstyle or dress that characterize someone.
These temple-humans are still being built, and all structures of the body must represent the same temple vibration so that the music of the instrument, despite its growth, does not change or become wrong in any way. This is how temple complexes are made, and their essence is ultimately a great instrument.
No illness or bad luck is known in or around such temples. They are usually placed in sacred places and are definitely sacred, which in many cases also leads to spontaneous healings. In most cases there are only minor traces of war, these buildings protect themselves and their environment.
Space is therefore the incarnation of God because it protects and supports both spiritually and materially. It is beneficial and recommended for plants, humans and animals.
The perfect dimensions and rhythms for the temples are very rare, difficult to find - they don't grow on every tree. In a house there are more opportunities for luck to happen to catch good things, but really good things are also very rare, there are too many variations and every person has different vibrations. By relying on this science, all negative aspects of life in authentic temples can be eliminated.
A temple is therefore a practically automatic, fine-grained room therapy at a high level that can work for up to 1000+ years.


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